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Home News Trump Sends East Palestine Shipments of Water After Train Derailment

Trump Sends East Palestine Shipments of Water After Train Derailment

Trump Sends East Palestine Shipments of Water After Train Derailment

( – Eastern Palestine, Ohio In response to a train catastrophe earlier this month that left the little town in chaos, former President Donald Trump visited East Palestine on Wednesday, bringing truckloads of bottled water to the area.

“President Trump is meeting with East Palestine residents and will never forget them or their struggles. In contrast, Biden and the federal government have let them down from the start,” according to Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung, who spoke to reporters.

According to reports, John Rourke, the CEO of Blue Line Moving, which delivered the water pallets to East Palestine, has hauled at least 13 pallets of water.

That’s more than 14,000 water bottles for the community.

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“Stay away, Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg! Taking care of American citizens is the real President who is present. Take care of those Ukrainian pensions,” Rourke told reporters.

On February 3, a Norfolk Southern train carrying chemicals derailed, spilling the chemicals and starting a fire that sent thick billowing smoke into the sky. The cargo included vinyl chloride, a highly volatile colorless vapor.

Despite the train accident almost three weeks ago, neither President Joe Biden nor U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has yet to travel to East Palestine.

To safely dispose of hazardous chemicals, cleanup workers ignited five train carriages, producing a threatening plume of smoke resembling a mushroom cloud.

Later, pictures of the controlled explosion spread on social media, raising worries nationwide.

A half-order to evacuate the town was issued due to the incident. Although it has subsequently been announced that homeowners may return to their homes, many remain worried and seek clarification.

Still, Biden and Buttigieg are nowhere to be seen.

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