Proterra Bankruptcy: Biden’s Green Energy BLUNDER Costing Taxpayers BILLIONS

Proterra Bankruptcy Bidens Green Energy BLUNDER Costing Taxpayers BILLIONS

( – Proterra, the electric bus company once heralded as the future of America’s clean energy by President Joe Biden, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Despite its close ties with the Biden administration and millions in investment, the company’s bankruptcy has sent shockwaves throughout the industry and raised concerns over potential conflicts of interest […]

Biden’s Billions to Ukraine Could’ve Doubled Border Wall

Bidens Billions to Ukraine Couldve Doubled Border Wall

( – President Joe Biden and Congress have transferred more than $66 billion in taxpayer funds to the country since the start of Ukraine’s conflict with Russia. The U.S.-Mexico border could have been walled nearly twice as much with that amount. The majority of #fentanyl comes through Arizona—To the tune of 51.4%—California is a close […]

Major Blow: 75 Catholic Schools to Shut Down Nationwide

Major Blow 75 Catholic Schools to Shut Down Nationwide

( – At least 75 additional Catholic schools nationwide have made final closure announcements, with many informing families in recent weeks. Philadelphia, Boston, and Cincinnati have seen the most closures. The Catholic Archdiocese of New York closed 12 schools in New York City alone at the school year’s conclusion, blaming “shifting demographics and lower enrollment, […]

Jill Biden Embraces Drag Queens at San Francisco Event

Jill Biden Embraces Drag Queens at San Francisco Event

( – While Americans experience rising costs and crime under her husband’s administration, First Lady Jill Biden is using her position of power in the public eye by visiting with drag queens. Recently, a picture of Jill Biden smiling with drag queens at Welcome to Manny’s in San Francisco surfaced. The gathering is a “community […]

(VIDEO) Hecklers Unleash on McConnell: ‘Ditch Mitch! Retire NOW!’

VIDEO Hecklers Unleash on McConnell Ditch Mitch Retire NOW

( – At the Fancy Farm picnic in Kentucky this past weekend, attendees greeted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) with chants of “retire” and “ditch Mitch.” The senator spoke for five minutes, during which time there were boos and chants of “lost the senate,” “retire,” and “ditch Mitch.” McConnell persevered while maintaining a straight […]

Parents in the Dark? CA Questions School’s Trans Policy

Parents in the Dark CA Questions Schools Trans Policy

( – The fight by Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) administration intensified Friday when the State of California opened a civil rights investigation into a local school district that dared to implement a rule mandating schools to inform parents if youngsters wish to alter their gender. California Investigates School District over Transgender Parental Notification Policy […]

Bill Barr’s Shock Pledge: ‘I’ll Testify Against Trump’

Bill Barrs Shock Pledge Ill Testify Against Trump 1

( – On CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday, former attorney general Bill Barr declared his willingness to testify against former president Donald Trump at his January 6 trial. Anchor Major Garrett asked, “Were you interviewed by the special counsel?” Barr remarked, “I’m not going to go into that.” “Would you appear as a witness […]

Trump Firmly Pleads ‘NOT GUILTY’ in Jan. 6 Case

Trump Firmly Pleads NOT GUILTY in Jan. 6 Case

( – In an unprecedented turn of events, former President Donald Trump faced federal court on Thursday in Washington D.C., vehemently entering a plea of ‘not guilty’ to all charges linked to Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation. This probe delves into the alleged 2020 election interference and the Capitol riot’s tumultuous aftermath on January 6, […]

PROOF! Biden Admin Pressured Facebook to Amplify NYT, Silence Conservatives

PROOF Biden Admin Pressured Facebook to Amplify NYT Silence Conservatives

( – The Biden White House made steps to influence Facebook, even requesting algorithm adjustments to make its favorite media sources more accessible to users, according to new documents obtained by the House Judiciary Committee, led by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH). In the most recent round of revelations, which Rep. Jordan is referring to as […]

Pence On Trump Indictment: ‘Should Never Be President’

Pence On Trump Indictment Should Never Be President

( – In his response to the most recent indictment of former President Donald Trump by special counsel Jack Smith, former Vice President Mike Pence claimed that President Trump had “demanded [he] choose between [him] and the Constitution.” NOW: Former VP Mike Pence officially breaks with Trump and accuses him of putting himself ahead of […]