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Home News Democratic Party In ‘PANIC’ Mode As Biden Delays 2024 Presidential Bid

Democratic Party In ‘PANIC’ Mode As Biden Delays 2024 Presidential Bid

Democratic Party In ‘PANIC’ Mode As Biden Delays 2024 Presidential Bid

( – President Joe Biden’s deferred decision to run for reelection in 2024 is reportedly causing “doubt,” and an “awkward deep freeze across the party” as the establishment media has adopted a more critical tone toward Biden’s probable reelection effort.

Politico asserted on Wednesday that Biden’s refusal to swiftly announce a reelection campaign, initially planned for February but now purportedly pushed back to April, was the cause of “a feeling of skepticism is sneaking into conversations around 2024.”

Even this aim, however, is still being determined. According to those in the president’s circle, there is no set timeline or official procedure for choosing a launch date.

Elena Schneider, Jonathan Lemire, Holly Otterbein, Eli Stokols, and Christopher Cadelago contributed to Politico.

According to “three sources familiar with the conversations,” the Politico writers said that Biden’s hesitation had harmed the Democratic Party by impeding the creation of any backup plan that could be required if Biden decided not to run.

“[H]is hesitation has resulted in an awkward deep freeze across the party,” they wrote.

“Scores of important donors and some possible presidential candidates are thinking and even drafting a Plan B while attempting to stay courteous and publicly supportive of the 80-year-old president.”

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates highlighted Biden’s alleged “intention” to run for president in 2024 in response to the article, even though no decision has been taken.

According to Bates, the president has openly informed the nation that he plans to run but has yet to make up his mind.

Some insiders for Biden told Politico that “an inertia has set in.”

“It’s not that he won’t run; that is the prevailing belief. But no decision has been made. And until it is, nothing will be decided.”

The analysis from Politico confirms the narrative promoted by the mainstream media since Biden’s foreign policy choices led to the catastrophic Afghan departure in 2021.

Since the blunder and other errors from the standpoint of the far left, the media’s enthusiasm for Biden starting a reelection campaign has waned, citing his advanced age and mental capacity.

One publication described the White House’s attempt to downplay the situation as a balancing act.

According to Edward-Isaac Dovere and Phil Mattingly of CNN, “it is leading to a concentration on events that try to play up the president’s vigor, while trying to achieve a balance in the schedule of a guy who tends to make more mistakes when exhausted.”

At 80, Biden is the eldest president in American history and will continue to be so if he is reelected in 2024. By the end of his second term, if he runs for reelection and succeeds, he will be 86 years old.

On Sunday, the New York Times wrote that three potential campaign managers for Biden’s possible 2024 run have declined, warning that Democrats are worried about the president’s reelection chances.

For professional reasons, the strategists who declined to work with the president also refused to discuss the position further.

In addition, according to the Times article, Biden tried to persuade his staff that his Wilmington, Delaware home—where secret documents were discovered in his house and garage—would be the best place for his campaign headquarters in 2024.

The media has also attempted to get Democratic lawmakers to offer their opinions on Biden’s chances in 2024. Democrats are concerned about Biden’s capacity to win reelection and guide the Democrat Party to success, claims Politico Magazine’s Jonathan Martin.

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) said to Martin,

“Nobody wants to be the one to do something that would harm the possibilities of a Democratic victory in 2024.”

However, the discussion is the opposite in private settings: “If this road is cleaned, we could be at a larger danger.”

The media has also cited people criticizing the president’s poor polling and focus group results.

According to a person with knowledge of focus group discussions, “many swing toward presuming he must be ineffectual or being puppeteered: “brain dead,” “mush,” – “dementia” is a word that comes up all the time.

Joe Biden’s Gaffes and Weirdest Moments

A conservative reporter questioned Biden in 2022 about why many mistrust his mental stability, health, and capacity due to the issue of his poor mental cognition.

Biden responded, “I don’t know. I’m afraid I have to disagree with the polls.”

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