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Home News WATCH: Paul Pelosi Attack Body Camera Footage Released

WATCH: Paul Pelosi Attack Body Camera Footage Released

WATCH: Paul Pelosi Attack Body Camera Footage Released

( – The attack on Paul Pelosi, 82, the husband of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), in their San Francisco, California home last October was captured on disturbing video disclosed by the San Francisco Superior Court on Friday.

The footage shows Paul Pelosi opening the door with attacker David DePape holding a hammer. Pelosi appears to be wearing only a shirt and underwear.

Pelosi appears to be holding a drink in his left hand, and both men seem to be engaged in a scuffle with one hand on a hammer.

The attacker places his left hand on Pelosi’s right forearm while still keeping his right hand on the hammer as the officers start speaking to the guys. The culprit is then told to “drop” the hammer as an officer shines a flashlight on it.

Before snatching the hammer out of Pelosi’s right hand and swinging it ferociously in the direction of the 82-year-old, the culprit appears to mutter, “Nope.”

The two then flee from the entryway, and the officers immediately rush inside to confront the suspect.

Pelosi reappears in the frame as the officers tackle the attacker and is seen lying motionless on the ground. Then, an officer exclaims, “Give me your fucking hand!” while brandishing handcuffs.

Breitbart News claimed that Judge Stephen M. Murphy ordered the footage’s release on Wednesday, stating there was no reason to keep it hidden from the public. At an initial hearing, the footage had already been seen.

On Friday, the 911 call made by Paul Pelosi was also made public. “This gentleman just came into the house and wants to wait here for my wife to return home,” the 82-year-old man says to the operator. He continues, saying he doesn’t know the man.

Pelosi responded, “He’s telling me not to do anything,” before giving the dispatcher his address.

“This man is a… Later, he said to the operator, “He’s asking me to put the phone down and do what he says.

Someone other than Pelosi answers the operator’s question about the intruder’s name by saying, “It’s David,” and introduces himself as “a friend of theirs.”

Pelosi tells the operator once more that he does not know the individual.

“I have to stop talking to you because he says I’m being really lead-footed, okay?” Pelosi says, just before the call ends.

Pelosi sustained injuries from the incident, including a fractured skull for which he received successful surgery. DePape allegedly claimed “evil in Washington” and intended to harm former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

DePape entered a not-guilty plea in December with allegations of attempted murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, elder abuse, domestic burglary, false detention, and threatening a public officer’s life or serious bodily injury.

So, will Nancy Pelosi apologize for blaming MAGA Republicans for what happened to her husband?

We here at Family Conservation PAC want to be clear that we are happy Paul Pelosi survived this vicious attack. DePape definitely deserves his day in court.

It’s the coverups, the political blame game, and the secrets by the Left to keep this situation a secret that we are not okay with.

While the video tells us what happened, more questions about this situation must be answered.

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