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Home News Outrage Over National Prayer Breakfast Boycott

Outrage Over National Prayer Breakfast Boycott

Outrage Over National Prayer Breakfast Boycott

( – The National Prayer Breakfast, scheduled to take place this Thursday morning this week, is being boycotted, according to the letter addressed to Congress and the White House by the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF).

As stated in part of the letter:

“The National Prayer Breakfast is controversial and shrouded in secrecy. It has become a nexus for religious extremism, infiltration by Russian agents, and organized bigotry (anti-LGBTQ and anti-labor).

The National Prayer Breakfast is an active marketplace of Christian nationalism, and it is not the bipartisan event that it purports to be.

Every year more members of Congress walk away from the event, including Representatives [Nancy] Pelosi, [Ro] Khanna, [Ann] Kirkpatrick, and [Ted] Lieu.

And each year, more and more negative stories and well-sourced documentaries about the event continue to surface.

The event is framed as a way for all Americans to come together through prayer during times of difficulty and division – but instead, it invites division.”

The National Prayer Breakfast Foundation, which is under the supervision of Congress, was founded in response to issues with the way the event is organized, as Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) explained to the Associated Press:

“The annual event “went on several days, had thousands of people attending, and a very large and somewhat complex organization,” Coons said in an interview.

“Some questions had been raised about our ability as members of Congress to say that we knew exactly how it was being organized, who was being invited, how it was being funded.

Many of us who’d been in leadership roles really couldn’t answer those questions.”

The Associated Press also noted that previous prayer breakfasts had turned contentious politically.

It referred to the breakfast in 2020 where President Donald Trump ridiculed Pelosi and others’ claims to be religious after he was acquitted in his first Senate impeachment trial.

Trump holds up newspapers showing ‘Acquitted’ headlines at prayer breakfast.

It did not mention the breakfast in 2015, during which President Barack Obama drew a parallel between traditional Christianity and the terrorism of the Islamic State.

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