(FamilyConservationPAC.com) – Have you ever heard of ESG? Typically, people have not. Environmental Social Governance is what it stands for. 

ESG asserts to have the well-intentioned goal of promoting corporate responsibility. And that strikes me as something we can all get behind.

However, something entirely different is hiding beneath the surface, within the murky rhetoric and assertions of social compassion. 

ESG regulations are a backdoor that progressives utilize to enter our industry and push their extreme social, economic, and environmental agenda.

They know they can no longer use our democratic system to pass their harmful beliefs. Additionally, they need to anticipate success in court.

As a result, ESG is encroaching on corporate America with the aid of unelected bureaucrats and regulatory bodies, acting as a parallel government that is not answerable to regular investors.

ESG is being utilized to undermine our energy independence, our small companies, and our family farms by using Wall Street corporate boardrooms. 

They want to outlaw oil drilling in Texas and clean coal mining in West Virginia. They even want to prohibit raising cattle and growing wheat in Nebraska and Kansas.

Even more drastic proposals to compel abortions on demand and eliminate our Second Amendment rights are being promoted by ESG. Family life in America is directly threatened by all of this.

So how precisely does ESG operate? It’s complicated. You see, the internet needs a comprehensive definition of ESG. ESG is being implemented in our society covertly. That was done on purpose. They do not want you to be aware of their activities.

ESG forces corporations to adopt divisive policies, including a dangerous green agenda with misguided climate change policies and racially divisive practices like white privilege training.

Unfortunately, this will only cripple our economy and divide the country we love. It will also mislead investors with claims about clean air and water, diversity and equity, healthcare rights, and social justice.

ESG policies will continue to control the whole financial industry if left unchecked.

Large investment firms are using the ESG agenda to leverage their sizable investment portfolios and retirement funds to compel businesses all over the United States to adopt the ESG agenda in their business operations. 

They won’t be maximizing your investment savings and will be breaking their fiduciary duty to you, the client.

They are focusing on our small businesses, which provide jobs for millions of Americans and impact our communities at the local level. Perhaps you or a family member is employed by a company that is currently the target of ESG bullying.

Additionally, the company in charge of managing your retirement savings may be utilizing your investment funds to support political activism at this very moment rather than maximizing the value of your retirement fund. 

Simply put, if we, the people, stand by and do nothing, ESG policies will use your investment funds to transform America into a country we won’t even recognize in the near future.

The greatest country ever to be established by supporters of freedom is the United States.

Because of our entrepreneurial drive, the United States is the most economically affluent country on the planet. And a wealth of natural resources have fueled our development.

The United States is the worlds openest and friendliest country. The genuine variety in our communities makes the United States stronger.

However, there is something we can do to stop this and protect our beloved country for future generations.

The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, is among many criticizing “woke” asset managers like BlackRock even though they continue to be significant financiers of the fossil fuel industry in the red heartlands of the United States.

Billionaires have already been divested from BlackRock funds in Florida, West Virginia, Texas, Louisiana, and Missouri by Republican leaders in retaliation. At least 15 states will introduce anti-ESG legislation in 2019 and House Republicans intend to keep up the fight in Congress.

Environmental Social Governance is an agenda that would destroy life as we know it threatens everything that makes our country the best in history.

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