(FamilyConservationPAC.com) –On Thursday, adults, and kids alike packed the main branch of the Indianapolis Public Library to hear actor, author, and movie producer Kirk Cameron read from his recently released children’s book, “As You Grow.”

The library refused to let Cameron read the book during its story hour but eventually gave in and approved the occasion.

Video footage shows a large group of people entering the facility, while pictures show families standing up against the wall and sitting on the floor.

Zac Bell with BRAVE Books, the book’s publisher, stated that

“this was the largest event held at the library in its 137 years of existence. The attendance was amazing! We were astounded.”

A tree’s growth is the central metaphor in Cameron’s book, teaching kids about family, faith, and biblical knowledge.

The Indianapolis Public Library “initially refused us the ability to book the reading,” claims Bell. After receiving a letter from us threatening legal action, they caved.

In the meantime, Cameron and his publisher recently slammed libraries that allow “drag queen story hours” for kids but won’t allow a public reading of his book.

Cameron took to social media saying,“the family of faith will no longer be excluded from the public square!”

Bell, who attended the recent book reading in Indianapolis, expressed frustration that the group was forced to meet in a cramped room on the sixth floor despite the building having an auditorium.

“They said, ‘You never asked,’ in response to our question about why they didn’t put us in the auditorium. But the families and parents who came out were really encouraging,” he said.

Cameron thanked the audience for attending and encouraged them to locate more excellent books to read to their children.

He said, “God bless you, and Happy New Year.”

Why do you think libraries allow drag queen shows or drag queen story hour but not allow faith-based story hour readings?

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