Trump Raises Alarm on CA ‘Sanctuary Law’ for ‘Gender-Confused Children’

Trump Raises Alarm on CA ‘Sanctuary Law’ for ‘Gender Confused Children’

( – The new “sanctuary law” in California for “gender-confused children,” which permits minors to go there and receive transgender-related medical care against their parent’s wishes, has drawn criticism from former President Donald Trump. “Those involved in such activity will be charged with a host of federal laws, including laws against kidnapping, sex trafficking, child […]

Mom Wins $100K Settlement After CA School Secretly ‘Transitioned’ Daughter

Mom Wins $100K Settlement After CA School Secretly ‘Transitioned’ Daughter

( – A mother who claimed that her daughter was “socially transitioned” to a boy without her knowledge or consent reached a settlement with a school district in the transgender “sanctuary state” of California for $100,000. According to Jessica Konen, the Spreckels Union School District in Monterey County told her daughter Alicia, 11, that she […]

Parents in the Dark? CA Questions School’s Trans Policy

Parents in the Dark CA Questions Schools Trans Policy

( – The fight by Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) administration intensified Friday when the State of California opened a civil rights investigation into a local school district that dared to implement a rule mandating schools to inform parents if youngsters wish to alter their gender. California Investigates School District over Transgender Parental Notification Policy […]

(VIDEO) FNC’s Tucker Carlson: ‘The Trans Movement Is Targeting Christians’

VIDEO FNCs Tucker Carlson The Trans Movement Is Targeting Christians

( – After three adolescents and three adults were shot dead by a transgender person earlier this week in Nashville, FNC presenter Tucker Carlson responded on Tuesday to what he saw as evidence that the so-called transgender movement was growing more “militant” and “potentially dangerous.” The movement, according to Carlson, is the adversary of Christianity […]