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Home News Trump Raises Alarm on CA ‘Sanctuary Law’ for ‘Gender-Confused Children’

Trump Raises Alarm on CA ‘Sanctuary Law’ for ‘Gender-Confused Children’

Trump Raises Alarm on CA ‘Sanctuary Law’ for ‘Gender-Confused Children’

( – The new “sanctuary law” in California for “gender-confused children,” which permits minors to go there and receive transgender-related medical care against their parent’s wishes, has drawn criticism from former President Donald Trump.

“Those involved in such activity will be charged with a host of federal laws, including laws against kidnapping, sex trafficking, child abuse, and the deprivation of civil rights,” Trump, seeking reelection in 2024, pledged.

“California has recently passed depraved new so-called ‘sanctuary’ laws for gender-confused children,” Trump declared, explaining:

“Under this horrific new scheme, children from other states can now be taken to California, where state law will override their parents’ rights and allow the children to have barbaric and irreversible sex change operations against the wishes of their parents from other states.”

“It’s almost hard to believe I’m saying this to you,” the 45th president continued. “Our country has gone bad. That this can be happening is not even believable. It’s sick.”

Trump proclaimed that “the state of California has no right to take your children away from parents and to sterilize them, which is exactly what they’re doing,” adding, “I will stop it immediately when I’m elected president, on my first day.”

“Upon my inauguration, we will aggressively challenge these perverted California laws that strip parents of their rights and that encourage minors to be transported across state lines for sexual mutilation purposes,” Trump said.

“We will not allow this madness to continue. That’s why my administration will prosecute anyone who engages in such crimes,” Trump affirmed. “I will protect your youth. I will protect your children. I will protect the right of parents to make decisions on behalf of their children.”

“And I will protect the United States of America, our country that we love, our country that’s in trouble,” Trump concluded. “We’re in a failing nation. This nation is failing. We’re not going to let it fail any longer. We’re going to make America great again.”

In recent years, transgenderism and ideas of the “non-binary” have become significant issues for young people.

According to a recent study, social contagion may have a role in young adults’ and teens’ decision to identify as transgender.

As Breitbart News recently reported, a staggering 602 underage girls have had their breasts surgically removed in Canada for transgender-related reasons.

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