(FamilyConservationPAC.com) – A mother who claimed that her daughter was “socially transitioned” to a boy without her knowledge or consent reached a settlement with a school district in the transgender “sanctuary state” of California for $100,000.

According to Jessica Konen, the Spreckels Union School District in Monterey County told her daughter Alicia, 11, that she might feel bad because she didn’t know who she “truly was inside,” Fox News reported on Wednesday.

Alicia is 11 years old. The school permitted Alicia to use the boy’s restroom and referred to her using male pronouns.

When Konen learned that her daughter was allegedly being treated like a boy at school without parental knowledge or approval, she filed a lawsuit against the district.

Alicia “since decided to re-identify as a girl, and the California single mother vowed to keep fighting for parental rights after the settlement in which she was represented by the Center for American Liberty,” according to the story.

“They need to understand their place, and they need to stay in their place. And schools nowadays, they’re awful. So, I’m going to fight this fight and keep fighting this fight,” Konen told Fox News Digital. “I am not going to allow this to keep happening to children. I feel that the fight, it has to continue.”

Although the settlement does not constitute an admission of guilt on the part of the school district, the source observed that it is nonetheless a “significant moment” in the midst of a “nationwide debate over parental rights related to schooling decisions that affect children.”

The issue, according to Mark Trammell, executive director of the Center for American Liberty, is fundamentally about “upholding the sacred bond between parents and their children.”

According to Trammell, “parents have an inherent right to be involved in pivotal decisions concerning the lives of their children.”

“There had been some tension between them because Konen avoided calling her daughter by her chosen pronouns in favor of nicknames like “sweetie” and “kiddo,” according to Konen.

Konen claimed that since Alicia accepted her femininity once more, their relationship has improved significantly.

The two are collaborating to end “the parental secrecy” in schools.

“I think it took a lot of guts for both of us to be able to open up publicly and explain what is happening,” the woman remarked. “Parents, you know, pay attention. Be cautious. Those instincts you have are valid. I sense that this has already opened doors.”

Konen continued by saying that she hoped other parents would benefit from what she and her girls had learned.

“We will undoubtedly be at peace and able to attempt to put this behind us. However, parents should pay attention and ask the provided questions. Put yourself in uncomfortable circumstances because you are unable to comprehend the struggles of others. You don’t know anymore what’s being taught in schools,” Konen stated. “Just get involved and speak up in your children’s lives.”

The outlet requested a response from the Spreckels Union School District, but they didn’t provide one.

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