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Home News Starbucks Ordered to Pay Former Manager $25M for Firing Based on Being White

Starbucks Ordered to Pay Former Manager $25M for Firing Based on Being White

Starbucks Ordered to Pay Former Manager $25M for Firing Based on Being White

( – A white Starbucks manager was awarded $25 million by a federal jury in New Jersey after determining that the coffee giant fired her due to her race.

Following the arrest of two black men at a Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, Starbucks location in 2018, Shannon Phillips was fired, according to the Daily Mail. For a business meeting, Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson were awaiting the arrival of a third party.

The males were not allowed to use the restroom since they had not made a purchase. The males were held by police when an employee dialed 911 on them, according to a story from

After the arrests sparked widespread protests, Starbucks temporarily halted 8,000 outlets so staff could participate in racial-bias education training.

“Starbucks exclusively disciplined white employees over the event,” according to Phillips, “to improve their reputation.” Paul Skyes, a black Starbucks manager, apparently did not face any repercussions from the business.

Having worked at the company for 13 years, Phillips held regional management responsibility for more than 100 stores in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

According to reports, she was told to put a white manager from another store who had been there for 15 years on administrative leave owing to claims of racial discrimination.

Although the management had no influence over pay, employees complained that black employees were paid less than white staff. Since she had never observed the manager acting discriminatory, Phillips resisted the idea of suspending him.

According to Restaurant Business, Phillips was dismissed a week after the event. She asserted that Starbucks sought a scapegoat and dismissed her after stating that the “situation is not recoverable.”

She received $600,000 in compensatory damages and $25 million in punitive damages from the jury.

After settling with Starbucks, the two guys earned an unknown sum and a free college education. They also got a settlement with the city for a nominal $1 each, and officials assured them that a fund would be established for aspiring businesspeople.

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