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Home News Poll: Do You Believe Vaxx Shots Caused A ‘Significant Number Of Unexplained Deaths?’

Poll: Do You Believe Vaxx Shots Caused A ‘Significant Number Of Unexplained Deaths?’

Poll: Do You Believe Vaxx Shots Caused A ‘Significant Number Of Unexplained Deaths?’

( – According to a Rasmussen Reports survey released on Monday, nearly half of Americans believe it’s at least somewhat likely that COVID-19 vaccines have contributed to a “significant number of unexplained deaths.”

More than a quarter said they know someone whose death may have been brought on by the vaccines’ side effects.

The question posed to respondents in the poll: How likely is it that COVID-19 vaccination side effects have contributed to many unexplained deaths?

Overall, 49% of respondents thought it was at least “very” probable, but among those, 28% said it was “extremely” likely.

Another 20% and 17% responded “not at all” and “not very” possible, respectively. 14 percent are still unsure.

This appears to be a bipartisan issue since most Democrats (51%) and Republicans (56%) think it is at least somewhat probable.

Independents continue to be more skeptical; 42% think it is at least somewhat possible that coronavirus vaccination side effects contributed to unexplained deaths, compared to 38% who do not.

After that, respondents were prompted to answer whether they “personally know anyone whose death you think may have been caused by adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines.”

28 percent of respondents replied “yes,” while 10% were undecided. 61 percent responded negatively.

The statistics remain essentially the same across the board, with 33% of Democrats, 26% of Republicans, and 26% of independents claiming to know someone whose death they feel was brought on by the vaccine’s harmful effects.

Furthermore, compared to 37% who think those voicing worries are only “promoting conspiracy theories,” 48 percent indicated there are “real grounds to be concerned” about the safety of the immunizations. 15% of people are still uncertain.

Seventy-one percent of individuals polled stated they were immunized, but more than a quarter, or 26%, said they weren’t.

According to a survey conducted in November by The Economist and YouGov, 23 percent of respondents said they had never received a vaccination.

The study had a +/- 3 percent margin of error and was conducted among 1,000 US adults on December 28–30, 2022.

Notably, the poll makes no claim that the deaths were caused by the vaccine based on available scientific data.

It comes as worries regarding the safety of the vaccines, especially the mRNA vaccines, continue to be voiced. Florida responded by advising against the mRNA shots for men under 40 in October due to this.

Florida’s Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo was momentarily banned from Twitter due to the advice before Musk took control of the platform.

In early December, Ladapo continued to draw attention to some of the hazards connected to mRNA coronavirus vaccines. He cited a new study “consistent with Florida’s data” and found a connection between the shot and myocarditis.

Last month, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis announced he would ask the Florida Supreme Court to appoint a grand jury to investigate “any and all wrongdoing in Florida with relation to the COVID-19 immunizations.”

And even as more information comes to light regarding the harmful effects of the vaccine shots, Jill Biden urges Americans to “go get that COVID immunization” as the new year begins.

Do you believe the shot caused harmful side effects?

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