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MLK “The Embrace” Sculpture Causes Uproar: “Looks Like a Penis”

MLK “The Embrace” Sculpture Causes Uproar: “Looks Like a Penis”

( – The new Boston monument honoring Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King’s iconic photo has drawn strong social media comments.

The $10 million bronze sculpture “The Embrace” installed in Boston Common over the weekend depicts the 1964 photo of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King hugging after he received the Nobel Peace Prize.

The 3D sculpture shows merely two arms embracing in thin air, leaving much to the imagination.

The artwork has sexual undertones depending on the viewpoint, as numerous political groups highlighted on social media.

On Saturday, Coretta’s cousin Seneca Scott told the New York Post that the statue dishonors King’s legacy, blaming “woke” culture’s emphasis on the abstract.

Scott added,

“The mainstream media… was reporting on it like it was all beautiful ’cause they were told to say that. But then when it came out, a small boy pointed out—’That’s a penis!’ and everyone was like, ‘Yo, that’s a huge ole dong, man.’ If you showed that statute to anyone in the hood, they’d say, “No, definitely not.”

“The woke algorithm is just broke,” he said. “If you did all that and that’s all you got, something’s wrong.”

Scott told Compact mag,

“ten million dollars were wasted to make a masturbatory metal ode to my legendary family members—one of the all-time greatest American families.”

Before displaying the Hank Willis Thomas-designed Embrace Boston artwork, Martin Luther King III approved it.

Artist Hank William Thomas says on his website, “When we recognize that all storytelling is an abstraction, all representation is an abstraction.

Hopefully, it allows us to be open to more dynamic and complex forms of representation that don’t stick us to a narrative that oversimplifies a person or their legacy. I think this work tries to get to the heart of that.”

What do you think about the MLK sculpture?

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