(FamilyConservationPAC.com) – In December, investigative reporter Tayler Hansen visited the all-ages Christmas drag show in Dallas, Texas. During the event, youngsters were exposed to explicit sexual content, according to reports.

As a result of Tayler’s widely shared reports, state politicians have proposed banning kids from attending these activities.

Tayler Hansen covered the All-Ages Drag Show occasion on Saturday in Dallas, Texas.

When child protection activists showed up to oppose the event, hundreds of enraged groomers gathered outside to confront them.

AOC Says Drag Queens True ‘Patriots’ Promotes Sexualizing Kids

At least two groomers carried weapons to protect their right to encourage minors to see sexual content.

The demonstrators held signs supporting their “freedom” to make jokes about d*cks and p*ssies and show kids their crotch.

Investigative journalist Tayler Hansen was there once more.

Here are some images of BuzzBrew in action.

Here is the audio used to introduce the show.

Councilmen Jesse Moreno, Paul Ridley, and former state representative Venton Jones spoke in favor of the occasion.

What are your thoughts?

Should parents who bring their kids to sexually exploitative shows have any repercussions?

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