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Home News Trump Vows To Defund Schools that Push CRT and ‘Gender Insanity’

Trump Vows To Defund Schools that Push CRT and ‘Gender Insanity’

Trump Vows To Defund Schools that Push CRT and ‘Gender Insanity’

( – President Donald Trump is outlining his political campaign programs for 2024. He recently stated that one of his key priorities will be to concentrate on schools.

Specifically, preventing the introduction of critical race theory (CRT) at the college level into the classroom.

“Protect Parents’ Rights” is one of the main issues on Trump’s campaign website. Supporters are informed on his website that, while in government, he “worked relentlessly to restore patriotic instruction” to the American educational system.

Additionally, it states that he “won permanent financing for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)” and maintained First Amendment rights on college campuses.

The 45th president continues by pledging to cut off financing to “schools that teach critical racial theory, radical civics, and gender craziness.”

A long-standing academic idea is critical race theory. Its central thesis is that racism has permeated every facet of American society, including the laws and other institutional frameworks.

The hypothesis is used by academics to explain differences in the criminal justice system and other governmental functions.

Republicans have charged liberal educators with using the idea in the classroom to instill guilt among White kids regarding their racial identity.

Additionally, they think CRT teaches kids despise themselves. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has made it illegal in his state.

Along with his pledges to improve education, Trump also asserts on his website that he will protect the border and make America safer.

To help address the problem along the Southern border, he plans to “deputize the National Guard and local law enforcement.”

The website also makes the same pledges he did during his first term to establish a merit-based immigration system that will safeguard American employment.

Trump is the only Republican who has declared his intention to run for president in 2024.

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