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Home News Lawsuit: Citizens Demand Health Tests After Toxic Ohio Train Derailment

Lawsuit: Citizens Demand Health Tests After Toxic Ohio Train Derailment

Lawsuit: Citizens Demand Health Tests After Toxic Ohio Train Derailment

( – Following last week’s horrific derailment of a train carrying dangerous chemicals along the Ohio-Pennsylvania line, a federal lawsuit has been filed.

The lawsuit aims to compel Norfolk Southern to conduct health exams on both states’ citizens.

Along with a complete understanding of the chemicals discharged into the atmosphere and water table during the disaster, un-calculated damages are also being sought.

According to the Associated Press, the complaint, which was brought on Thursday by two Pennsylvanians, demands that the train operator cover the cost of medical exams and other associated services for anybody who lives within a 30-mile radius of the incident in East Palestine, Ohio.

On February 3, around 50 cars—10 of which were transporting hazardous materials—derailed. According to reports, the derailment allegedly caused by a broken axle did not result in any injuries.

Watch as the first 50-car derailment is followed by a tremendous conflagration and the potential for a “catastrophic” explosion below:

Five vehicles were hauling vinyl chloride, while another five were carrying other unidentified “hazardous items.”

Authorities opted to burn and discharge vinyl chloride inside five tanker vehicles three days after the accident, which released hydrogen chloride and the poisonous chemical phosgene into the air.

Environmental authorities have been keeping an eye on the water and air in nearby areas and have reported that the drinking water supplies and air quality are unaffected.

To ease local concerns about contamination last Wednesday, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) spokesperson James Lee said that the state and federal environmental protection agencies had “established a series of containment measures to help limit the environmental impact to local streams and rivers from water runoff from the site.”

Earthen dams are being put in place “to trap toxins that may escape the derailment site,” while high-volume aeration stations are being put in place “to assist in removing contaminants from Sulfur Run” stream, according to Lee.

However, several locals have reported experiencing headaches and sickness after the incident. In contrast, others call for fast action to clarify what is at risk.

Norfolk Southern refused to comment.

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