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Home News AOC Goes Ballistic Criticizing Christian Ads During Super Bowl

AOC Goes Ballistic Criticizing Christian Ads During Super Bowl

AOC Goes Ballistic Criticizing Christian Ads During Super Bowl

( – On Sunday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) made headlines for denouncing Christian advertisements during the Super Bowl.

What topic did the commercials cover?

Two ads for the “He Gets Us” campaign that aired during the Super Bowl cost $20 million to produce.

One of the advertisements featured individuals from many backgrounds fighting and debating matters of justice, politics, and religion. At the conclusion, the advertisement states, “Jesus loved the ones we despise.”

The other advertisement included several images of kids who were friendly and kind. “Children weren’t treated the same way they were now when Jesus was alive. This made his advice to cherish being innocent countercultural,” according to the ad’s description.

The advertisement claims that “Jesus didn’t want us to behave like grownups.”

What was AOC’s problem with the ads?

Ocasio-Cortez criticized the commercials after the Super Bowl, saying that Jesus would not have approved spending so much money “to make fascism appear innocuous.”

She stated, “Something tells me Jesus would *not* spend millions on Super Bowl advertising to portray fascism as kind.

The New York Democrat, however, failed to explain how the ads glorified fascism or in what other ways they supported or encouraged it.

By Monday morning, around 10 million people had seen the message. Many others pointed out that Ocasio-statement Cortez’s lack of self-awareness makes her the ideal target demographic for the commercial.

Although some people agreed with her that there might be better uses of money than spending money on Super Bowl advertising.

Furthermore, despite the controversy surrounding the “He Gets Us” campaign in certain circles, the organization’s goals are clear. They have nothing to do with advancing the causes Ocasio-Cortez pretended to support.

According to the organization’s website,

“We just want everyone to grasp the true Jesus as he’s represented in the Bible – the Jesus of profound forgiveness, compassion, and love.”

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