(FamilyConservationPAC.com) – The message was loud and clear – “Anybody but Joe” – according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll released over the weekend.

The poll indicates the Democratic Party and voters would like to replace President Joe Biden as the nominee for president in 2024.

The polling figures come just before November’s midterm elections. The Democratic Party hopes to maintain control of the House and Senate but barely has the majority.

It was revealed that 35 percent of Democrats favor Biden as the 2024 nominee. 56 percent want the party to choose someone else.

In simple terms, Democratic voters voiced their concerns about Biden’s chances of winning in 2024. His latest attack on conservatives saying they are somehow a threat to democracy, didn’t do him any favors.

According to a Trafalgar Group poll, 56 percent of general election voters view Biden’s speech, where he cast Republicans as “threats to the foundations of our republic,” as unacceptable.

Historically, the president’s current standing has affected the outcome of midterm elections. And it’s not looking good for Biden.

Only 39 percent of voters approve of his current presidential performance, while 53 percent disapprove. According to the poll results, the economy – with inflation near a 40-year high – is a crucial point for Biden’s low approval numbers.

Seventy-four percent of voters say the economy is in terrible shape, and it seems the Biden administration can’t take control of this disaster affecting all Americans.

Read the full poll results here.

Who do you think would replace Joe Biden as the 2024 presidential nominee?

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