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Home News Report: Why Christianity Is Becoming A Minority Religion In America

Report: Why Christianity Is Becoming A Minority Religion In America

Report: Why Christianity Is Becoming A Minority Religion In America

( – A new report by Pew Research Center and the General Social Survey revealed that a large demographic of Americans are leaving Christianity behind to become atheists, agnostics, or what the report calls “nothing in particular.”

According to the report, Christians could become a minority religion in America by 2045. The prediction is primarily based on a wide variety of current growth trends.

Pew researchers wrote that if individuals in their thirties continue to switch over religious beliefs at the current rate, Christians would no longer be the majority.

And unaffiliated Americans would make up 35 percent of the population by 2070.

Pew researcher Stephanie Kramer said a “reversal of the trend” away from Christianity is not likely and that there is no religious reversal model to base it from. She said, “we’ve never seen it.”

Kramer said she believes times have changed, saying,

“Switching out has been happening steadily, which didn’t use to happen.

If you met someone on the street, and their father and mother were Christian, then they were Christian, too.

That’s not always true anymore. For about a third of people, that’s not true anymore.”

The report also noted that 90 percent of Americans identified as Christians in the early 1990s. But by 2020, that number has fallen to 64 percent.

Pew researchers took historical data and played out various future scenarios of religious switching models. The rates were based on what the United States would like if Americans switched, stayed at their current pace, continued to speed up, or stopped altogether.

The report shows Christianity continuing to shrink in all three scenarios. One model says Christianity can stay the majority by 2070 if no one walks away. But according to researchers, this is not likely to happen.

The report addresses the possibility that external events such as war, a bad economy, climate change, immigration, or religious innovations could reverse the current religious trends that could lead to Christian revival.

But unfortunately, no mathematical models exist to project such a result.

In short, Americans are becoming less religious. This could play into the radical left’s agenda to sway the country in their socialist favor.

Do you agree or disagree with the Pew Research Center and the General Social Survey?

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