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Home News Jen Psaki FEARMONGERS Muslim Parents Against Transgender Ideology (Video)

Jen Psaki FEARMONGERS Muslim Parents Against Transgender Ideology (Video)

Jen Psaki FEARMONGERS Muslim Parents Against Transgender Ideology (Video)

( – Jen Psaki, the host of MSNBC’s “Inside with Jen Psaki,” claimed on her Sunday program that Republicans are “trying to recruit” Muslims to be anti-transgender, according to reports.

During her show, she said that she’s been observing the resurgence of a very old GOP playbook that harkens back to President Richard Nixon’s infamous “Southern strategy.”

She claims the Republican Party made a deliberate effort to win over white Southerners who had previously supported the Democrats during Nixon’s presidential campaign in 1968 by appealing to their prejudice against African Americans and the Civil Rights Movement.

Psaki said, “And it succeeded. The GOP was effective in severing Southern Whites from the Democratic Party by pitting one American group against another.”

She added, “Now, decades later, the right wing is using the same playbook again, but this time with trans people and Muslim Americans.”

Psaki explained that the GOP is attempting to attract Muslims in the United States, a community comprising less than 2% of the country’s population.

She said, “It’s crucial to keep in mind that the right-wing previously labeled Muslim Americans as the nation’s number one adversary during the Republican primary in 2011.”

“That is not surprising, given that birthers and conspiracy theorists both exist. I aim to portray President Obama as a Trojan horse for Sharia rule and have done so for years,” said Psaki.

“Republican candidate after Republican candidate stoked anxiety about the fictitious danger presented by an Islamic legal doctrine that has been the subject of decades of scholarly debate, she added.

“For them, the fictitious possibility of Sharia law in this nation was more concerning than gun violence or climate change, and it was more crucial to talk about than, for example, the millions of people without access to healthcare,” according to Psaki.


Fox News spoke with the Islam and Religious Freedom Action Team director for the Religious Freedom Institute, Ismail Royer, who characterized the remarks as insulting to Muslims.

“The left wants to scare Muslims into accepting its indoctrination of our children in exchange for a smile and pat on the head,” Royer told Fox News Digital. “They insult Muslims by portraying us as having no agency or intelligence but can’t imagine that we’ve weighed the bargain they offer us and rejected it.”

“We live in a pluralistic society… And Muslims who are watching need to know that these same forces who are using us against LGBTQ have turned on us and will turn on other people of color and immigrants,” said Ali.

Twitter was quick to call her out on her insidious fear-mongering.

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