(FamilyConservationPAC.com) – According to the American Society for Emergency Contraception, at least 39 universities in 17 states have morning-after pill vending machines installed, and at least 20 more are exploring them.

The machines are a part of an effort on college campuses to make emergency contraception affordable, covert, and widely accessible, according to the research, which notes that some states have passed abortion bans.

In contrast, others have strengthened protections and increased access to birth control.

“This year, Washington made history by being the first state to allocate money ($200,000 for $10,000 grants) to public institutions so that they might “expand access to emergency contraceptives…through automatic dispensers,” according to the study.

The machine at the University of Washington was installed following a student campaign.

More than 640 boxes of the generic Plan B have been sold, and it offers boxes for $12.60, or approximately a fourth of what the name-brand ones cost in stores.

Unlike UW’s machines, others offer the medication for as little as $7 per box. This is because it is offered at just above wholesale compared to pharmacy retail costs, which might reach $50.

Legislators in Illinois and New York are drafting legislation that would mandate the installation of emergency contraception vending machines on state college campuses.

The morning-after pill and other over-the-counter drugs can now be purchased from vending machines on college campuses and in other public places thanks to a law that Connecticut lawmakers enacted this year.

“There is a stigma attached to obtaining these prescriptions,” according to Zoe Amaris, a University of Washington pharmacy student and board member of UW Pharmacists for Reproductive Education and Sexual Health, “which is lessened by the presence of vending machines.”

“You are not required to visit a drugstore. You don’t have to go via your doctor,” according to Amaris.

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