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Home News Cocaine Discovered at White House

Cocaine Discovered at White House

Cocaine Discovered at White House

( – On Sunday, the U.S. Secret Service shut down the White House and its neighboring roads and dispatched a hazmat team and D.C. Fire and EMS.

“Uniform Division Officers of the U.S. Secret Service discovered an unidentified object on the White House grounds. The DC Fire Department’s Hazmat crew responded after the White House grounds were evacuated out of precaution.

“We got a yellow bar saying cocaine hydrochloride,” a D.C. fire official is heard saying in a dispatch.

The message, timestamped at 8:49 p.m. on Sunday, originated from the White House, according to The Washington Post.

A Secret Service spokesperson, Anthony Guglielmi, reported that the white substance was discovered in a “work area of the West Wing.”

Senior law enforcement officials informed CBS News that the chemical was discovered “in a storage facility in a cubby routinely used by White House staff and guests to store cell phones.”

However, it is not often known that White House employees are heavy drug users.

Under federal law, using narcotics, especially a “hard drug” like cocaine, would automatically revoke your security clearance and cause immediate termination.

All of them undergo background checks, and many of them have security clearances. (You cannot have used or purchased “hard drugs” in the previous ten years if you wish to serve for the U.S. Secret Service.)

It would be a risky move on the part of a White House employee to bring cocaine into the office. K-9 troops are trained by the U.S. Secret Service to find “drugs, explosives, and firearms.”

Everybody and everything who enters the White House is, at the very least, magnetometer-searched.

On the other hand, addicts aren’t precisely recognized for their sound judgment and risk-taking prowess.

According to the BBC, Secret Service personnel discovered the suspicious powder “while conducting a routine inspection in an area that is accessible to tour groups.”

But these days, getting a White House tour involves quite a bit of red tape; requests must be made through a member of Congress and the office’s congressional tour coordinator.

It would take remarkable nerve or stupidity to bring cocaine into the White House on an official tour and then leave it somewhere in the West Wing.

The saying “No one would be dumb enough to do that” was officially discontinued some years ago, but we know we live in a time when a social media star felt obligated to go topless during a White House event.

One can only hope that Hunter Biden has improved psychologically, physically, and emotionally since his egregiously careless and damaging behavior in the recent past.

However, Hunter Biden consented to “enter a Pretrial Diversion Agreement with respect to the firearm Information” to resolve the prospective gun charge brought by the U.S. Attorney for Delaware.

This strategy is frequently employed with nonviolent offenders with drug usage issues.

Hunter Biden also recently settled a complicated legal dispute concerning child support. He “agreed to financially support his four-year-old daughter but succeeded in his effort to deprive the child of his last name.”

And finally, Hunter Biden also admitted guilt to tax evasion.

Hunter has reportedly been residing at the White House with his second wife, Melissa Cohen, and their 3-year-old son, Beau, to escape being served with legal documents, according to Miranda Devine of the New York Post.

However, as the New York Times noted, Hunter Biden “often appears at White House events.” No one else from the Biden family is listed in the White House visitor logs.

Additionally, NBC News just last week reported that President Biden is worried about his son reverting to destructive behaviors:

“But the public displays of parental support, to the dismay of some Democrats, aren’t just about a loving father or a stubborn president’s defiance.

For Biden, keeping his son — a recovering drug addict — close means keeping him safe, people close to the president said.

Behind the Hunter Biden photo-ops and the state dinner invitations, they say, is an existential concern that weighs on the president daily: If he loosens his grip on his son, who or what will replace it — and to what end?

“It’s consumed him,” a person close to the president said.”

You can’t blame the general public for worrying about the president’s son when cocaine is discovered inside the White House if everyone who knows President Biden is concerned about him relapsing and doing narcotics again.

Why is this important? Approximately 225,000 Americans are detained each year for possessing heroin, cocaine, and its derivatives, according to the National Center on Drug Abuse.

Both locally and federally, having any amount of cocaine in your possession is illegal and punishable by up to a year in prison.

And Hunter Biden said that he did crack every 15 minutes, which implies that he almost always possessed the drug. Despite this, he never came into contact with law enforcement during this time.

What fantastic luck that a high government official’s son, who, according to his account, was continuously using narcotics and frequently in the vicinity of law enforcement officers equipped with drug-sniffing dogs, managed to avoid being detected or apprehended!

If someone had behaved in the same way as Hunter, most Americans without a parent who was a vice president or future president would likely have been charged with a crime.

Hunter Biden was caught on camera in 2018 using crack while driving and going 172 miles per hour in a Porsche, demonstrating his seemingly insatiable hunger for foolish risks.

Any family dealing with a loved one’s addiction finds it challenging to determine when showing compassion for the addict crosses the line into enabling the addict.

Perhaps Hunter Biden wasn’t using cocaine at the White House. Or was he?

Unfortunately, neither Hunter or the President can’t blame the American people for thinking he would do anything that risky, foolish, and against the law.

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