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Home News (GRAPHIC): Author Defends Pornographic Kids’ Book Saying ‘It Could Be Worse’

(GRAPHIC): Author Defends Pornographic Kids’ Book Saying ‘It Could Be Worse’

(GRAPHIC): Author Defends Pornographic Kids’ Book Saying ‘It Could Be Worse’

( – In an interview with NPR on Wednesday, Maia Kobabe, the author of one of the most contentious books in America, defended the vivid sexually explicit photos in the memoir “Gender Queer.”

In addition to being questioned for its visuals and descriptions of oral sex and conversations on masturbation, the book has caused significant controversy among parents due to its placement in public school libraries throughout the country.


(Matt Walsh begins to talk about “Gender Queer” book at the 8 minute mark)

Kobabe’s quest for self-discovery and identification outside of the “gender binary” is also covered in the book.

She said she was shocked by the belated response during the discussion with Claire Murashima on “Morning Edition.”

“I prepared myself for some of it… The timing, degree, and length of it all caught me off guard, but I believe that was what astonished me the most,” said Kobabe.

Murashima said during the interview,

“Let me ask you a question. Some of the criticism focuses on the book’s level of explicitness. You’re discussing a few of your sexual adventures in some explicit panels. Have you thought of creating less gruesome versions of such scenes?”

“You know I really didn’t,” Kobabe remarked. “I drew as much as I thought I needed to in order to convey the message I was trying to get through and the tale I was attempting to tell.”

“The pictures,” Kobabe said, “might have been worse.”

Here is a tweet containing explicit, graphic sexual acts:

“The discussion of gender also touches on sexuality and identity,” Kobabe said. “And it’s difficult to completely describe, in my opinion, how gender identity may affect every aspect of adult life without mentioning sexuality, at least in passing. And I wished to at least refrain from doing it.”

The Los Angeles Times Claims The author Is A Victim Of Christian Conservatives

According to a recent Los Angeles Times article, the author of a contentious LGBTQ book discovered in public school libraries was a victim of Christian conservatives’ “false anger” and “censorship.”

The author of “Gender Queer,” Maia Kobabe, was allegedly “tugged into” the culture wars by the right wing’s “crusade” against her book, according to the LA Times staff writer’s article.

“Gender Queer,” a “graphic memoir,” has drawn much criticism from American parents for being in public school libraries all around the country.”

According to Fleishman, it contains images of “sexual actions between a boy and a man” and other “obscene” content.

Kobabe has spoken out against this retaliation, which the author referred to as “censorship,” the journalist noted.

In at least 49 school districts in Florida, Texas, Michigan, Utah, and other places, the author has “authored opinion articles and spoken out against banning “Gender Queer,” according to Fleishman.

Additionally, he said that Kobabe describes herself as a “role model” who emphasizes “gender and diversity” in opinion articles as well as in radio and podcast appearances and that she believes that her work is “primarily meant for teens and young adults.”

In classrooms all around the nation, the book has generated controversy, and this is the reason why:

What would you do if you found this in your child’s school library?

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