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Home News Dairy Farmer Warns Food Shortages And Price Hikes Coming, Request USDA ‘Defend’ American Supply

Dairy Farmer Warns Food Shortages And Price Hikes Coming, Request USDA ‘Defend’ American Supply

Dairy Farmer Warns Food Shortages And Price Hikes Coming, Request USDA ‘Defend’ American Supply

( – Farmer Stephanie Nash of Tennessee claims that regulations under the Biden administration give foreign producers precedence over American farmers and ranchers.

She said, “You look at Ukraine, Russia, and what’s happening in the Netherlands… I predict there will be numerous food shortages in the upcoming year.”

In 2023, greater prices and food shortages are probable. This is according to many dairy farmers criticizing the Biden administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for endangering the country’s food security.

Nash claimed that policy regarding agricultural products produced in the United States significantly affects these anticipated trends.

She said on Thursday, “I believe the USDA needs to do a better job of putting programs in place to feed Americans, to encourage American grown, and just to be stronger.”

She continued,

“You examine the marketplaces, imports, and exports. We still give aid to foreign nations while doing little for the American people.”

The USDA said in November that the United States would be importing more agricultural goods than it would be exporting for the first time in its history.

Due to other global variables that raise additional concerns about food availability, this increased foreign dependence exacerbates America’s food insecurity.

“What are you doing? I’m asking the government, our lawmakers, and our leaders? What is American Grown being used for? How do you assist our small-scale farmers and ranchers? And how do you shop for groceries in a way that helps Americans?” Nash suggested.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food costs rose by 10.6% in November, further hurting American consumers’ wallets and the country’s growing reliance on imported food.

According to Swiftly’s True Cost of a Grocery Shop poll, nearly 70% of consumers find it challenging to pay for their groceries in the wake of months of ongoing inflation.

American consumers frequently look for cheaper options instead of fresh meat, fish, and produce.

According to Nash, Americans visit the grocery store knowing they can find the required goods.

She added, “And I believe that we take for granted the work that ranchers and farmers undertake around the nation. The goods we create, especially those made in America, are taken for granted.”

Nash refuted that farmers and producers can turn a significant profit due to the higher prices for goods at supermarkets.

“JBS, Cargill, and Tyson are all reporting marginally higher profits this year. Farm and ranch owners who are all families. While Texas meat is selling in record quantities despite the lack of water there.

Additionally, you can witness dairy farms in California closing down due to financial difficulties. And it’s really crazy.”

Many American farmers and ranchers are already under financial strain due to labor rules, inflation, and import competition. The grocery store consumer patterns make matters worse.

One of several increased costs for farmers impacting profits in November was the increase of 45% in fertilizer prices over the previous year.

Nash responded, “We need to change it. America needs to be fixed, and our family farmers and ranchers need our support.”

Others in the U.S. farm sector, such as Nicole Ort Moke, the manager of Ort Farms in Long Valley, New Jersey, are urging the Biden administration to reform its policies to strengthen American agriculture.

Last month, Moke told Madison Alworth of FOX Business, “We have the ability to feed our people, feed the world, and have a good place in the global market.”

He continued, “It’s really damaging to the industry, terrible to small businesses, and bad to our national security if the rules don’t allow us to take advantage of the potential.”

Nash, like Moke, was a farmer who faced challenges as the country struggled under inflation. She emphasized that strengthening American growers can better assist American businesses and the economy.

She stated, “We need to safeguard our rural areas and look toward a future when our food security is stronger.”

And let’s not forget that America is still facing a shortage of baby formula:

Meanwhile, the Biden administration continues to supply countries like Ukraine with billions of dollars in taxpayer money.

Welcome to Biden’s “America last” policies.

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