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Religious ‘Revival’ at Christian University Continues After 2 Weeks

Religious ‘Revival’ at Christian University Continues After 2 Weeks

( – Asbury University has declared that the ‘Asbury Outpouring,’ as it has become known, is now only open to students under 25. Additionally, all outpouring-related services will be held off-campus on Friday.

A new schedule was issued by university administrators on Sunday night, giving the general public just one more day to visit campus and witness the outpouring for themselves.

On the university website, Dr. Kevin Brown, president, explained why they were “stopping” the revival:

“I have been asked if Asbury is “stopping” this outpouring of God’s Spirit and the stirring of human hearts. I have responded by pointing out that we cannot stop something we did not start.

This was never planned. Over the last few weeks, we have been honored to steward and host services and the guests who have traveled far and wide to attend them.

The trajectory of renewal meetings is always outward—and that is beginning to occur. We continue to hear inspiring stories of hungry hearts setting aside daily routines and seeking Christ at schools, churches, and communities in the US and abroad.

The effort by committed men and women on our campus to redirect energy, forsake other obligations, work tirelessly around the clock, and provide single-minded labor to accommodate our students and incoming visitors has been the high point in my career.

In fact, it may be the most extraordinary act of collective Godliness and hospitable goodwill I have ever witnessed in my life. I am forever grateful. I am forever changed.”

According to Abby Laub, Director of Strategic Communications at Asbury University, the age restriction was implemented to refocus attention on ministering to Gen. Z students.

“God has made it quite plain that He has placed Gen. Z on our hearts,” according to Laub. “They were the ones who started this, so we want to honor that and follow God’s prompting in our efforts.”

Thousands of students have spoken and shared their testimony, led worship sessions, and even volunteered to serve food and water to visitors lined up in queues.

The outpouring has been totally student-driven. Wilmore, Kentucky, which has a population of 6,021 people, has had, according to estimates from authorities, almost 50,000 visitors since February 8.

Safety, according to Laub, was a significant consideration in taking the outpouring off campus. To identify the best course of action, university administrators closely spoke with law enforcement and local government representatives.

“Safety was an important topic in our regular chats,” according to Laub. There were discussions on keeping students, especially our girls, safe from all the new faces arriving on campus because of the increased traffic and influx of newcomers.

This town’s infrastructure isn’t capable of supporting it.”

Students admitted that while serving guests had been an honor, they were equally eager to return to their regular lives.

According to Alexandra Presta, editor of the student newspaper The Asbury Collegian, finding a balance between education, life, and the ongoing services started to wear on the students.

“We’re all still struggling with the stress of realizing what God is doing is truly remarkable; we’re speechless,” Presta remarked.

“We are fortunate to have witnessed it, but because there are so many people around, we feel as though our home has been swarmed. That’s just the plain truth.”

“We have been attempting to act in accordance with the revival’s overall stance, which has been one of tremendous humility, love for others, and simple love in action.”

She said,

“But we don’t want people to remember us, and we don’t want people to remember Asbury. All we want is for people to think about Jesus. Now that we have been given the authority to leave, we are in the process of attempting to obey the Bible.”

According to inside sources, some opposition has been to Asbury’s decision to relocate the movement off campus.

“People question why you would want to stop this,” And I say, “We’re not, Presta,” he continued. “We want to increase it, but our university cannot continue to host it. Because the Holy Spirit is not confined to Hughes Auditorium, we don’t want to hoard it.

If you’re prepared to lean into His love and grace, you can experience a revival right in your living room because the Holy Spirit is present everywhere we go.”

Officials in Asbury are still figuring out a solution and location for future services. According to Laub, the campus website will continue to be updated with new information.

Still, as of now, all services will cease to be provided by the institution by Friday.

Laub said,

“I don’t think God ever intended for Asbury to host this. If He had intended for the revival to only take place in our tiny town, I don’t think it would be a true revival.

I enjoy visualizing a flame and a candle of the Holy Spirit. And Asbury has a flame that I perceive as a small candle, and the following church or school that comes to town has tipped its candle and is stealing its flame.

We eventually find ourselves simply passing the flame while tipping the candle.”

You can watch it live here.

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