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Home News (VIDEO) Hecklers Unleash on McConnell: ‘Ditch Mitch! Retire NOW!’

(VIDEO) Hecklers Unleash on McConnell: ‘Ditch Mitch! Retire NOW!’

(VIDEO) Hecklers Unleash on McConnell: ‘Ditch Mitch! Retire NOW!’

( – At the Fancy Farm picnic in Kentucky this past weekend, attendees greeted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) with chants of “retire” and “ditch Mitch.”

The senator spoke for five minutes, during which time there were boos and chants of “lost the senate,” “retire,” and “ditch Mitch.” McConnell persevered while maintaining a straight face. Look at this:

The calls for McConnell to resign come weeks after he froze for a long time during a news conference, leading to his being led away by worried staff members. According to Breitbart News:

“McConnell — who at 81 years of age is the longest-serving party leader in the history of the U.S. Senate — went silent during his opening remarks at his regular press conference, according to video of the alarming moment.

“Well, good afternoon, everyone,” he said moments after walking up to the podium. “We’re on a path to finishing the NDAA this week. There’s been good bipartisan cooperation, as well as a string of, uh,” he trailed off.

As his tight-lipped, unblinking pause grew longer, Republican colleagues Steve Daines (M.T.), Joni Ernst (I.A.), Shelly Moore Capito (W.V.), Jon Thune (S.D.), and John Barrasso (W.Y.) showed visible concern.”

Later, a member of McConnell’s staff admitted that he had experienced some dizziness. Eventually, the 81-year-old returned to the podium, where he claimed the president inquired about his well-being, leading to his “sandbagged” remark.

“The president called to check on me. I told him I got sandbagged,” McConnell said.

McConnell repeatedly said, “I’m fine,” when reporters questioned him about his health and whether he intended to consult a doctor.

Reports that McConnell had slipped and fallen when getting off an aircraft earlier that month, weeks before his unlucky frozen episode, arose soon after the occurrence.

The fall event occurred at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, according to two acquainted persons. They also told NBC News that the man didn’t suffer any significant injuries and went about his business as usual that day.

“The fall, which has not been previously reported, occurred July 14 after the flight out of Washington was canceled while everyone was on board,” NBC noted.

“McConnell who was a passenger, had a ‘face plant,’ someone who was on the plane at the time but did not witness the fall told NBC News. That passenger also said they spoke to another passenger who helped tend to McConnell.”

As a precaution, the U.S. senator now travels through busy airports in a wheelchair. He has a history of brutal falls and, as a polio survivor, “sustained a concussion and a cracked rib in a fall in Washington this year,” which forced him to miss six weeks of Senate business.

Former President Trump suggested that he stand down and concentrate on his health in an interview with Breitbart News.

“We have to have that,” Trump said. “No, we have to have that. We have some people in the Senate that are fantastic and would be great at that position. But it’s just amazing he [McConnell] would do that — but at the same time, I hope he’s well.”

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