(FamilyConservationPAC.com) – President Joe Biden and Congress have transferred more than $66 billion in taxpayer funds to the country since the start of Ukraine’s conflict with Russia.

The U.S.-Mexico border could have been walled nearly twice as much with that amount.

More than $113 billion in funding for Ukraine has been approved by Congress since the war’s inception in 2022, and Biden is anticipated to request a further $10 billion in help when Congress reconvenes after its summer break.

According to a Washington Post analysis, the United States has given Ukraine more foreign aid than any other nation since 2022.

The majority of the allowed help has gone to companies that manufacture weapons and equipment for the Ukrainian military, with the remaining funds being added to the country’s budget and utilized for humanitarian relief.

According to a conservative assessment by the Washington Post, $66.2 billion in military, financial, and humanitarian help has been provided by the United States to Ukraine since 2022.

According to the Post’s calculations, the Biden administration could have built nearly two new walls along the roughly 1,900-mile border between the United States and Mexico.

Based on the amount of money spent on building the border wall by the previous president Donald Trump—roughly $20 million per mile—from January 2017 to January 2021, over 460 miles of wall were constructed.

To build a total of around 740 miles of border wall, the Trump administration obtained about $15 billion, primarily by avoiding Congress.

The Biden administration canceled the remaining 280 miles of wall that had not yet been built when Trump departed office.

Sabine Durden Coulter, an angel mother, told Breitbart News that she finds Biden’s preference for international borders over domestic bounds repugnant.

Dominic Coulter, a son of Durden Coulter, was killed in 2012 by Juan Zacarias Tzun, an illegal alien and twice-convicted drunk driver who sanctuary state officials in California neglected to deport.

“Thousands of Americans die at the hands of illegal aliens, like my son Dominic 11 years ago,” Durden Coulter said. “Add the thousands of deaths because of fentanyl that comes through our open border — all those deaths are 100 percent preventable and didn’t have to happen.”

“If only we had an administration that would make it a priority to close and secure our border, finish the wall, and hire more personnel to help protect our country,” she continued.

“But the Biden administration clearly isn’t concerned about our safety. They have sent billions of dollars to the Ukraine while we are hurting and more and more cities are overrun and resources that should go to American citizens, are used for illegal aliens.”

States are now responsible for border security because the federal government’s incomplete border wall leaves the bulk of the border unprotected.

For instance, to stop illegal immigration, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) put a floating barrier in the Rio Grande.

In Arizona, the border wall’s breaches had been filled in with storage containers by the previous governor, Doug Ducey (R). Since then, those containers have been eliminated by current governor Katie Hobbs (D).

Millions of illegal aliens have been confronted at the southern border since Biden started pouring tens of billions in aid to Ukraine.

More than two million illegal aliens were discovered in Fiscal Year 2022 alone, setting a record for the country.

Similarly, by February of this year, authorities had encountered nearly a million illegal immigrants.

Over 109,000 drug overdose and poisoning deaths occurred in the United States last year, just as Biden started sending American taxpayer money to Ukraine.

Fentanyl, primarily made in China and then imported from Mexico, is to blame for many fatalities.

The statistics show that 63,000 Americans have passed away from drug overdoses and poisonings, the same number as the previous year.

Breitbart News has been chronicling the Americans and legal immigrants who have been victimized by people who are not in the country lawfully for more than ten years.

However, the federal government refuses to track crimes perpetrated by illegal immigrants.

A criminal immigrant in Portland, Oregon, has recently been charged with murder.

In Nebraska, a different illegal immigrant is charged with starving his daughter, enslaving her, and repeatedly assaulting her sexually.

Seven illegal aliens were among the 19 men detained for child sex offenses in Bay County, Florida.

“This should be a wake-up call for every American, regardless of their political affiliation,” Durden Coulter said. “Ask yourself ‘Why a President [and his] administration would not take care of its own citizens first?’ We, our families, and the next generations deserve better.”

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