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Home News WATCH: Disgraced Megan Rapinoe Gets Injured, Blames GOD!

WATCH: Disgraced Megan Rapinoe Gets Injured, Blames GOD!

WATCH: Disgraced Megan Rapinoe Gets Injured, Blames GOD!

( – Three minutes into her last professional soccer match, Megan Rapinoe, a left-wing activist and anthem protester, sustained an injury that led her to question the existence of God.

Rapinoe lamented her situation as the gender activist and Trump critic sat answering questions at her post-game press conference, trying to smile despite her apparent anguish saying, “I mean, I don’t deserve this, I’ll tell you that much,” she told reporters. “I’m not a religious person or anything, but if there is a God, this is proof that there isn’t.”

As reported by, “Rapinoe has won just about everything there is to win in soccer. Two World Cups. An Olympic gold medal. The Golden Ball and Golden Boot in the World Cup in 2019, the year she won the Ballon d’Or and was chosen the FIFA women’s player of the year. Yet she had never won an NWSL title, something she had a chance to do with the OL Reign on Saturday against NJ/NY Gotham FC.”

Thus, Megan Rapinoe’s achievements in soccer, including hosting award shows, seeing heads of state, and overall experiencing fame and money well beyond that of any player of her sport, did not prove the presence of God.

However, her injury at the very end of her career is irrefutable evidence against the existence of God.

Did you all get that?

It is a sensible perspective on the world. It is a privilege, something that Rapinoe and her Marxist allies claim to detest.

Apart from all the numerous achievements she’s amassed, Megan Rapinoe’s career in soccer is one of the most legendary in the history of the sport, whether male or female.

She’s loved by the left for her jock status. Despite her strange turn of events in her last game, she still declares, “I don’t deserve this.”

It appears that a person believes she is entitled to a “special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a certain person or group.”

In other words, the dictionary definition of “privilege.”

NJ/NY Gotham FC defeated Rapinoe’s squad, the OL Reign, 2-1 in the championship match.

You know, another evidence against the existence of God.

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