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Home News Pro-Terror Teens Reveal They Learned to Hate Israel on China’s TikTok

Pro-Terror Teens Reveal They Learned to Hate Israel on China’s TikTok

Pro-Terror Teens Reveal They Learned to Hate Israel on China’s TikTok

( – Young people who attended an anti-Israel march in New York City admit they saw pro-Palestinian videos on Mark Zuckerbeg’s Instagram and the Chinese-owned app TikTok, adding that it taught them to despise Israel.

The New York Post was informed by over a dozen teenage demonstrators who skipped school on Thursday to participate in an anti-Israel march in Manhattan that their views on the Israel-Hamas conflict were primarily influenced by their professors and the Chinese platforms TikTok and Instagram, which are owned by Facebook.

Students Zara Asif, 17, and Manoor Javed, 16, of New Utrecht High School told the outlet that they were inspired to attend pro-Palestinian rallies in the Northeast and Washington, D.C. area by videos they saw on TikTok and Instagram.

“They’re posting pictures of babies with their skulls and their brains leaking out,” Asif said. “It’s mostly [pictures] of little kids that get pushed out on there the most.”

Javed said that while her school prohibits students from talking about pro-Palestinian politics, “Everyone’s pushing and everyone is posting and that’s how we’re going to make a difference,” adding, “We won’t quit — ever.”

“Places like CNN and other mainstream media are not posting about it,” said 17-year-old Adama who spoke to the New York Post adding that she follows Palestinian accounts on TikTok that are headquartered in Gaza.

Ravia Sidhu, a student at St. John’s University, and her friend Zarif Islam, a student at CUNY, both 19 years old, told the outlet that they went to the event on Thursday after doing “a lot of our own research,” which included watching videos on the Chinese app, according to Sidhu.

At the event last Thursday, anti-Israel demonstrators allegedly witnessed posters of Israeli hostages currently being held by the Palestinian terror group Hamas being torn down. In some cases, others applauded those who did so.

A few demonstrators even likened the upsurge of anti-Israeli sentiment to the 2011 Arab Spring, when social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook inspired people to overthrow regimes around the Middle East.

“I think social media has played a role, you saw the same thing with the Arab spring,” 30-year-old Sebastian Grant, said. “That started a swell 10 years ago and you’re seeing the same thing now.”

The New York Post was informed by Joana Sa Dias, 25, that the stuff she has seen on Instagram has “opened my eyes.”

“I’m literally going on Instagram hour to hour to see the updates,” she said.

Although there are films on TikTok that support Israel, they don’t seem to be as popular as pro-Palestinian videos on the Chinese platform; as of October 26, the top result for the search term “stand with Palestine” had been viewed almost 3 billion times, according to the Post.

Meanwhile, the top result for “Stand with Israel” received slightly more than 200 million views.

Since the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack, which resulted in over 1,400 Israeli deaths and included rapes, body burnings, and kidnappings, anti-Israel influencers have also grown in popularity.

Calla Walsh, a 19-year-old Cambridge, Massachusetts native, is one of these anti-Israel influencers; she calls on her fans to demolish hostage posters. Her videos have received 158 million views on TikTok.

Walsh denied to the Post that Hamas had actually perpetrated rapes in Israel on October 7.

According to Concerned Patriot, TikTok, which is owned by a hostile foreign country, has already proven to be a threat to national security, intervening in other countries’ affairs and endangering children and teenagers.

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