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Home News REPORT: Democrats Turning Their Backs on ‘Bidenomics’

REPORT: Democrats Turning Their Backs on ‘Bidenomics’

REPORT: Democrats Turning Their Backs on ‘Bidenomics’

( – According to reports, Democrats would counsel President Joe Biden to “heave” so-called “Bidenomics” into the “dumpster,” as only 14% of Americans believe Biden has improved their lives.

It appears that there may be some disagreements within the Democratic party, as some advice given may not have been requested.

Additionally, this could pose challenges for the upcoming presidential reelection campaign.

“After speaking with numerous Democrats and never-Trump Republicans, I think the most important economic messaging advice I received from Democrats was to shove ‘Bidenomics’ down the drain,” Jonathan Martin of Politico wrote on Monday.

To address “longstanding challenges that held America back—including rising inequality and disinvestment from communities across the country,” the White House defines Bidenomics as having three pillars:

  • Making smart public investments in America
  • Empowering and educating workers to grow the middle class
  • Promoting competition to lower costs and help entrepreneurs and small businesses thrive

“Attempting to make voters believe something they don’t is folly. Attaching your name to that strategy borders on masochistic,” Martin wrote of Biden’s economic moniker. “At a time when people are paying more for housing, gas, and groceries, focusing on job growth and the unemployment rate is ineffective.”

According to a recent study by the Financial Times and the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, not even 25% of Americans are satisfied with the president’s “Bidenomics” ideas.

The survey is the most recent unfavorable one for the president:

  • 14 percent of voters say they are better off financially now than when Joe Biden took office
  • 70 percent of voters say Biden’s economic policies had either hurt the economy or had no impact,
  • Among the 70 percent, 33 percent said the president’s policies “hurt the economy a lot”

Fourteen percent of voters believe their financial situation has improved since Joe Biden took office, while 70 percent think his economic policies have had no effect or affected the economy.

Of those 70 percent, 33 percent said the president’s policies have “hurt the economy a lot.”

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