(FamilyConservationPAC.com) – The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) advises the public about “rainbow-colored” fentanyl pills sweeping across the country.

In August 2022, the DEA and other partnered law enforcement agencies seized large amounts of brightly colored fentanyl pills in over 17 states.

The “rainbow fentanyl” appears to be a new trend drug cartels use to deal and sell the highly addictive and dangerous drug, according to DEA Administrator Anne Milgram.

She said the bright colors, shapes, and sizes make the fentanyl pills look like candy making them more challenging to detect. She continued to say it was a “deliberate effort by drug traffickers to drive addiction amongst kids and young adults.”

The public announcement by the DEA regarding the “rainbow fentanyl” pills was echoed by 13 Republican legislators who warned parents to be on the lookout for poisonous, drug-infused, potentially dangerous and suspicious candy.

While historical research shows that such threats on children are rare, lawmakers like Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) say powerful drug cartels are using candy-shaped fentanyl to “come after your kids, your neighbors, your neighbors, your students, your family members, and your friends.”

Lawmakers in Congress accuse the Biden administration of turning a blind eye to the influx of fentanyl coming across the border.

Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) blamed Joe Biden’s open border policies for havoc being caused in communities across the country, killing Americans at an alarming rate.

He said there are more than 150 fentanyl deaths daily.

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