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Home News (VIDEO) – Nancy Pelosi Threatens To ‘Punch Out’ Trump On Jan. 6: ‘I’m Going To Jail’

(VIDEO) – Nancy Pelosi Threatens To ‘Punch Out’ Trump On Jan. 6: ‘I’m Going To Jail’

(VIDEO) – Nancy Pelosi Threatens To ‘Punch Out’ Trump On Jan. 6: ‘I’m Going To Jail’

( – New video footage surfaced from Jan. 6, 2021, showing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi threatening to physically punch President Trump.

In the video, Pelosi angrily tells her Chief of Staff Terri McCullough, “I’ve been waiting for this, for trespassing on the Capitol grounds. I’m going to punch him out.”

And then she admits there would be consequences to her actions if she were to punch him, saying, “I’m going to go to jail, and I’m going to be happy.”

The J6 Committee met Thursday afternoon, holding their potential final hearing after many months of investigating the Capital riot.

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) and chair of the Committee on Homeland Security, opened the meeting by saying,

“What Donald Trump proceeded to do after the 2020 election is something no president has done before in our country.

In a staggering betrayal of his oath, Donald Trump attempted a plan that led to an attack on a pillar of our democracy. It’s still hard to believe.”

From Thursday’s J6 meeting, no one expected the committee to unanimously vote to subpoena President Trump to testify.

Trump immediately took to his social media platform

“Truth Social,” asking a rhetorical question: “Why didn’t the Unselect Committee ask me to testify months earlier?”

He posted again, adding that the committee was a “total bust” and that all it accomplished was to “further divide” the country.

He toyed with the decision to testify, saying he would give his answer to the “Unselect Committee of political Hacks & Thugs tomorrow morning at 8:00.”

Trump continued to post, saying,

“Why didn’t Crazy Nancy Pelosi call out the ‘troops’ before Jan. 6, which I strongly recommended that she do. It was her responsibility, but she ‘didn’t like the look.’ Crazy Nancy failed the American People!”

President Trump has not announced if he will run again in 2024, but sources close to him say he’s keeping the door open.

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