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Home News (VIDEO) Priest’s Dire Warning Against Using Ouija Boards

(VIDEO) Priest’s Dire Warning Against Using Ouija Boards

(VIDEO) Priest’s Dire Warning Against Using Ouija Boards

( – An exorcist priest cautions this Halloween season that “angels, demons, spirits, and souls do exist, and they can have an impact on our life,” so avoid Ouija boards and other methods of making touch with the afterlife.

In a report published on Monday, Fr. Dan Reehil, a priest in the Diocese of Nashville, stated, “We too often forget that there is much more to this world than meets the eye.”

In 2018, Reehil received exorcism training from the Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum in Rome and was appointed as Nashville’s resident exorcist that same year.

An exorcist “is a priest chosen and installed by a bishop to exercise the office of deliverance ministry,” the Catholic priest said.

“The Church employs a particular type of prayer called exorcism to combat the devil’s power,” he added.

“A major exorcism can only be carried out by a priest who has been specifically authorized by the bishop to do so, and it is only for those who are demonstrably possessed by a demon or demons,” Reehil explained.

The priest stated that sacraments and blessings are connected to a “minor exorcism.”

He said, “Demonologists distinguish between three stages of demonic incursion: possession, obsession or oppression, and temptation.”

Everyone experiences temptation, but obsession occurs “when demons torment people physically, spiritually, mentally, or emotionally, or some combination of these,” according to Reehil.

According to Reehil, possession happens when a demon gains “physical possession of a person’s body and make[s] use of its faculties.”

“The person’s body is almost never possessed continuously; possession is typically sporadic,” he explained.

The priest forewarned that utilizing Ouija boards might have adverse real-world effects, like being taken over by a demon.

Reehil declared, “Demons lie and take the form of dead people.” “A board is only too pleased to ingratiate themselves into your life when you ask them for information concerning a deceased person or a life decision.

Whether the user intends for a demon to enter his life or not, using an Ouija board is equivalent to doing so.

The Ouija board was initially created as a conversation game, or “talking board,” in the late 1800s.

Hasbro, a toy business, manufactures modern Ouija boards and promotes them as a means of communicating with the “spirit world.”

Reehil uses the Bible to criticize utilizing the board as a game or something to be treated lightly.

According to him, ouija boards shouldn’t be treated the same as a standard board game. Despite being marketed as a game, it is not what it seems.

It is actually a type of divination.

“There are profound spiritual consequences [that are] beyond our control [when using the Ouija board],” he continued, citing his own firsthand observation of six incidents of demonic tyranny brought on by Ouija board use.

“One man was impaled with chicken bones in his leg that flew across the kitchen,” he said to Fox News, adding that “the victims were left with night terrors, suicidal ideation, despair.”

He went on, “The demonic activity stopped once the deliverance prayers were prayed and the participants renounced all participation with the demons. We turn away from the One True God whenever we attempt to interact with devils.”

“Remain away from all forms of occult practices— and stay close to God,” Reehil advised others.

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