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Home News BRUTAL: Kidnapped Festival Fan Shani Louk Confirmed Dead

BRUTAL: Kidnapped Festival Fan Shani Louk Confirmed Dead

BRUTAL: Kidnapped Festival Fan Shani Louk Confirmed Dead

( – According to her relatives, German citizen Shani Louk, whom Hamas abducted from a music festival in Southern Israel on October 7, was found dead.

Israeli President Yitzchak Herzog has claimed that Shani Louk’s “skull has been found,” telling the German newspaper Welt: “It means that these barbaric, sadistic animals simply chopped off her head while they were attacking, torturing and killing Israelis.”

“What we saw on the border between Gaza and Israel goes far beyond a pogrom. We saw a slaughterhouse. We saw the blood flowing in the streets. We saw the most terrible tragedies imaginable,” Herzog added.

The original story continues as follows:

When Hamas militants invaded a Re’im music festival in the Negev Desert, Louk, 22, a tattoo artist and peace activist, was there.

During the slaughter, the terrorists mercilessly killed approximately 260 Israelis and abducted an unknown number of others.

The footage of Louk’s half-naked, deformed, and lifeless body being exhibited in the back of a Hamas pick-up truck stunned the globe. A group of men surrounded her and spat on her back while yelling “Allahu Akbar.”

The young German woman’s mother, Ricarda Louk, later claimed to have learned that her daughter was seriously hurt but still alive in a hospital in Gaza.

However, many people had initially believed her to be dead.

On Monday, though, Ricarda told German network NTV that she had learned from Israeli military sources that Shani had passed away from her wounds.

“Unfortunately, we received news yesterday that my daughter is no longer alive,” Ricarda said.

“It is with great sadness that we announce the death of my sister, Shani Nicole Z.L. [may her memory be a blessing], who was on October 7, 2023, at the party massacre in Re’im,” said Shani’s sister in an email confirming her passing.

By comparing a fragment of Louk’s skull with DNA from family members, the Israeli Foreign Ministry also verified the deceased woman’s passing.

It is currently believed that Louk was shot in the head on October 7, which caused his death.

“She didn’t suffer, at least,” her mother remarked.

Shani’s mother converted from Catholicism to Judaism. While she was born in Germany, she grew up in Israel.

Louk’s aunt Orly later disclosed that, contrary to early assertions made by pro-Palestinian sources on social media, she was a peace activist who had chosen to abstain from Israel’s mandatory military service as a conscientious objector.

The music festival attack that Louk was rescued from was described as “four [or] five hours of a horror movie” by a survivor.

Someone else stated: “It was a massacre.” That is unlike anything I have ever seen in my life. It was an intentional ambush. Terrorist teams were waiting for passengers when they emerged from the emergency exits, and they immediately began killing them.”

On October 7, militants from Hamas abducted almost 200 persons from Israel, including several German nationals.

1,400 more people perished in the spate of terror strikes throughout Israel by Islamists.

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