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Home News (VIDEO) Creepy Joe Biden Admires Little Girl’s Ears

(VIDEO) Creepy Joe Biden Admires Little Girl’s Ears

(VIDEO) Creepy Joe Biden Admires Little Girl’s Ears

( – During a Thanksgiving celebration on Sunday at a military facility in Norfolk, Virginia, President Joe Biden said to a six-year-old girl, “I love your ears.”

At the public event, the 80-year-old woman approached Catherine, the youngster, and gushed that her ears were “really cool,” seemingly attracted by what looked like her Mickey Mouse headgear.

He leaned down to hover close to the child during “Friendsgiving” in anticipation of the holiday later this week, almost touching her.

In the public conversation, Biden speculated on the girl’s age, claiming she was 17; she corrected him to indicate she was six.

This is how the conversation went:

Biden has shown an apparent affinity for small children. It’s like he can’t help himself.

There was an encounter at Irvine Community College in Irvine, California, where the president gave remarks on lowering inflation and pharmaceutical drug costs.

The president has offered the same dating advice to younger individuals before.

While visiting a group of elementary school students in Philadelphia, after a young girl told the president she was nine, Biden responded, “The only thing I want you to remember — no serious guys till you’re 30 years old.”

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