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Home News Biden’s HHS FORCES Pronoun Bombshell on Employees

Biden’s HHS FORCES Pronoun Bombshell on Employees

Biden’s HHS FORCES Pronoun Bombshell on Employees

( – Employees at President Joe Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) are instructed to refer to transgender coworkers by their “preferred pronouns,” disregarding the realities of biology.

According to an alleged HHS email sent to employees and obtained by the Catholic News Agency (CNA), the agency implemented its new “Gender Identity and Non-Discrimination Guidance” late last week.

The HHS employs about 80,000 people both domestically and internationally.

The guidance outlines “employee rights and protections related to gender identity.”

“All employees should be addressed [by] the names and pronouns they use to describe themselves,” the HHS email reads.

The HHS also posted a video to YouTube — designated as “unlisted” — in which HHS Secretary Andrea Palm says the policy allows colleagues “to show up every day as their whole selves.”

“I want to say clearly to every one of you: Who you are and who you know yourself to be is valid,” Palm said.

“We want you to be your authentic self every day, regardless of your gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, or disability status.”

Although Palm brought up religion, it was unclear in the email or the film whether the HHS intended to accommodate or exempt staff members with religious concerns from endorsing transgenderism.

HHS Assistant Secretary for Health Admiral Rachel Levine, who describes himself as  “an out and proud transgender woman” in the video, said this policy ensures that “all HHS employees, including transgender and nonbinary employees, have equal protections in the workplace.”

He added that all supervisors and managers are responsible for enforcing the policy.

“Every one of us can play a role in creating a welcoming workplace,” he said. “Every one of you can make a difference in improving the feelings of inclusion for your coworkers.”

In a letter to CNA, Roger Severino, the former head of the HHS Office for Civil Rights under the Trump administration, charged the organization with “compelled speech.”

Severino, currently vice president of domestic policy at the Heritage Foundation, claimed that the implementation of HHS’s gender ideology policy has “replaced science and evidence with ideology.”

He said Christian employees may be singled out by the policy.

“It absolutely will [lead to targeting Christians] because the [Biden] administration has made it abundantly clear that it prioritizes gender ideology over free speech and religious freedom rights,” Severino said.

Severino further argued that “[u]nder the First Amendment, [the HHS] cannot compel people to speak falsehoods; it also cannot compel people to adopt as their own a state-approved ideology [and the agency] cannot require people of faith to deny their faith with their own lips.”

“People should be prepared to file lawsuits to indicate their free speech and religious liberty rights and people of faith should flood HHS with religious accommodations requests and be prepared to defend themselves and their faith from this attack,” he said.

In addition, the new policy permits staff members to dress under their “gender identity” and utilize the restrooms of their choice.

It also suggests that the organization update its IT systems to guarantee that official documents accurately reflect an employee’s gender identity.

“It also provides department-level coordination for anti-discrimination protections from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission,” according to the report.

According to reports, CNA contacted HHS to inquire about possible accommodations or exemptions for religious employees and whether employees who refused to follow the policy would be disciplined.

As of the time of publication, the outlet had not heard back from anyone.

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