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The Twisted Mind Behind a $1.9M Baby Formula Scandal

The Twisted Mind Behind a $1.9M Baby Formula Scandal

( – According to the Department of Justice (DOJ), a New York man admitted guilt on Thursday to a $1.9 million scam that involved selling infant formula that had been obtained fraudulently.

Vladislav Kotlyar, a 43-year-old resident of Staten Island, is accused by the prosecution of submitting fake prescriptions and medical paperwork for specialty infant formula that was reimbursed by health insurance companies.

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According to court documents, Kotlyar got prescriptions and medical records for infants needing specialty baby formula and falsified them to obtain more of the same procedure.

The agency said, “After receiving the specialized infant formula, Kotlyar created problems with the shipments, such as by stating fraudulently that they were damaged or contained the wrong formula to obtain more formula at no additional cost.”

The fraudulently obtained formula was subsequently marketed by Kotlyar, according to the DOJ.

The agency added, “As part of the plan, Kotlyar and his co-conspirators submitted more than $1.9 million in false claims to health insurers during a nationwide scarcity of infant formula.”

Kotlyar admitted to mail fraud, and as part of his plea deal, he agreed to lose almost $1 million and pay back more than $738,000 in restitution. The DOJ made no mention of Kotlyar’s accomplices.

The maximum sentence for Kotlyar is 20 years in prison. The case is being prosecuted by Trial Attorney Patrick Campbell of the Fraud Section of the Criminal Division.

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