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Biden’s America – Where It’s Easier To Get Fentanyl Than Baby Formula

Biden’s America – Where It’s Easier To Get Fentanyl Than Baby Formula

( – America used to be a country of opportunity and prosperity. A country where families can buy a home and raise children in safe neighborhoods.

Then, Joe Biden became president.

Just two weeks after Hurricane Ian hit Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has rebuilt two bridges destroyed by the hurricane and continues to help thousands of people get back on their feet.

Meanwhile, it’s been over a year since Biden’s baby formula crisis began and it continues to be a top issue for American families at home.

According to reports, 40% of adults with household incomes making less than $75,000 say finding baby formula is difficult.

The problem started in February when Abbot Laboratories, one of the top two producers of baby formula in the U.S., had a major recall.

The recall, compounded with supply-chain problems, left parents and caregivers scouring stores and websites to find baby formula.

Although baby formula manufacturers work hard to increase production, it’s not enough to meet demands.

The production of baby formula is one of the most regulated food products in America. Few brands could rival companies like Abbott Laboratories and Reckitt Benckiser Group with low competition and high regulation.

These two companies are the makers of brands like Semilac and Enfamil. They control the bulk of the $4 billion formula industry.

They entered the market in the 1950s. Both companies were responsible for roughly 80% of infant and toddler formula sales and production last year, according to market research firm Euromonitor.

The federal government is the largest consumer of baby formula due to the Women, Infants, and Children supplemental nutrition program (WIC). This national program provides formula, at no cost, to families nationwide.

The sole source sales contract with the federal government ensures that either one of the two major formula brand makers has most of the market share.

That means that there’s little to no competition. So if something goes wrong – for example, a recall of baby formula – the whole system becomes vulnerable.

The Biden administration says they’re taking action to ease the nationwide shortage. Unfortunately, nothing they’re doing is an immediate solution.

It’s such a failure on the part of the Biden administration that the fake news media is doing everything to keep it under wraps.

One voter in Philadelphia told U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Oz during a “meet-and-greet,” that

“It’s easier to get fentanyl than it is to get baby formula.”

Welcome to Joe Biden’s America.

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