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Home News Terrifying Scene: Armed IRS Agents Seize Gun Purchase Records

Terrifying Scene: Armed IRS Agents Seize Gun Purchase Records

Terrifying Scene: Armed IRS Agents Seize Gun Purchase Records

( – Attorney General of Montana Austin Knudsen informed Breitbart News on Saturday morning that armed IRS agents raided Highwood Creek Outfitters in Great Falls on Wednesday and seized dozens of boxes of ATF form 4473s, the background check form holding information on gun buyers.

According to KRTV, the agents entered the establishment before usual business hours.

Tom Van Hoose, the store’s owner, stated, “At 7:30, I came in, and they pulled in behind me with 20 heavily armed agents.”

He claimed that after everything was said and done, the agents only gave him around 30 minutes to conduct business, causing him to effectively lose a whole business day.

Van Hoose is convinced that his business is being singled out because it carries firearms that the White House considers un-American: “I can only presume that it’s because of the sort of weapons that we have and the press that’s so against them. The current administration appears adamant about removing those weapons from common Americans’ hands.”

“Name, address, birth date, state or city of birth, gender, social security number, and the serial number of any firearms purchased in the store are all listed on the ATF form 4473 for gun purchasers. The data would work fantastically in a registry or registration database.”

AG Knudsen spoke to Breitbart News, saying, “I met with the store owner who told me that 20 heavily armed IRS agents from many states in our region served a warrant before his business opened, so the risk of federal officials obtaining this information was not lost on him.”

“They took over a decade’s worth of 4473s in dozens of boxes. This is very alarming since it appears to go beyond the parameters of the search order, which restricted the investigation to financial documents.”

“These are records of lawful acquisitions of firearms rather than financial data. What in the name of God does the IRS require 4473s for? We are aware that the ATF in Washington, DC, is attempting to gather as many of these purchase records as possible, and this appears to be what they are doing in this instance.”

“There is an obvious and alarming pattern emerging,” according to Knudsen, “of the Biden administration dispatching federal officials to harass American gun owners, retailers, and manufacturers.”

Additionally, he pointed out that this harassment is taking place as Biden works to repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), which would expose gun manufacturers to legal action for the illicit use of weapons.

“Biden wants to repeal PLCAA,” according to Knudsen, “so they can close down gun manufacturers and force states to enact ‘red flag’ laws so firearms may be taken without due process.”

He added, “In my state, federal agents are currently going door-to-door to intimidate residents. There is no denying that this government is the most anti-gun in the country’s history.”

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