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Home News ‘Squad’ Member Scorched for Remarks About Allegiance: ‘Somalians first, Muslims second’

‘Squad’ Member Scorched for Remarks About Allegiance: ‘Somalians first, Muslims second’

‘Squad’ Member Scorched for Remarks About Allegiance: ‘Somalians first, Muslims second’

( Squad member Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., was grilled on social media after footage from a speech showed her telling an audience she is one of many who are “Somalians first, Muslims second.”

She made these remarks at a Minnesota hotel during a speech given by Somalian leaders. The delegate did not emphasize her allegiance to the United States when speaking in Somali.

She assured the gathering that she would defend them and their lands by working “from inside the U.S. system.”

Rep. Omar declared, “Solomona will never be in danger, and its waters will not be stolen by Ethiopia or others as long as I am in Congress.” “If somebody tried to take our land or oceans from Somalia, the United States would not dare help them. You can rest easy knowing that I am here to defend Somalia’s interests within the American system.”

Rhoda Elmi, the deputy minister of foreign affairs for Somaliland, denounced the speech, calling it “regrettably unbecoming.”

“The language she employed was regrettably unbecoming of both the office she holds and the constituents she represents,” Elmi said. “Her expressions were lacking in common decency and revealed a significant lack of understanding of basic facts.”

Rep. Omar countered that the translation was incorrect to justify her remarks.

“It’s not only slanted but completely off, but I wouldn’t expect more from these propagandists,” Rep. Omar said. “I pray for them and for their sanity.”

The representative has already faced public censure due to comparable actions. She faced criticism from her Democratic colleagues in October for her provocative comments about the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

“It’s truly disturbing that Members of Congress rushed to blame Israel for the hospital tragedy in Gaza,” Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa., wrote of Rep. Omar’s claim Israel had bombed a hospital. “Who would take the word of a group that just massacred innocent Israeli civilians over our key ally?”

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