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Home News Dems Block Stricter Laws for Risky Border Agent Pursuits of Illegals, Traffickers

Dems Block Stricter Laws for Risky Border Agent Pursuits of Illegals, Traffickers

Dems Block Stricter Laws for Risky Border Agent Pursuits of Illegals, Traffickers

( – This week, legislation that would have imposed increased criminal penalties on illegal aliens who lead Border Patrol personnel on frequently fatal high-speed pursuits was voted down by the majority of House Democrats.

The “Agent Raul Gonzalez Officer Safety Act,” which would create new criminal penalties for illegal aliens and other drivers who attempt to elude Border Patrol agents within 100 miles of the US-Mexico border, was passed on Tuesday by just 56 House Democrats and 215 House Republicans.

Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council, Hector Garza, stated, “We appreciate House Republicans’ efforts to secure our lawless and chaotic border, protect the men and women on the frontlines, and make our communities safer.”

Rep. Jaun Ciscomani (R-AZ) sponsored legislation that would impose a mandatory minimum prison sentence and a new criminal penalty on anyone who kills or seriously injures a Border Patrol agent during a high-speed pursuit close to the border.

According to the law, illegal aliens found guilty of the offense would not be allowed to apply for asylum. They would be sent back to their home country.

154 House Democrats, including prominent party members like Minority Whip Katherine Clark (D-MA) and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), voted against the legislation.

The bill bears the name of Raul Humberto Gonzalez, Jr., a father of two who worked as a Border Patrol agent and was killed in December 2022 while being pursued at a fast speed by a group of illegal aliens who were crossing the border.

“In December 2022, Border Patrol Agent Raul Gonzalez Jr. was killed pursuing a group of illegal immigrants in a high-speed chase … the House stands shoulder-to-shoulder with every law enforcement officer working to secure the border,” House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) said of the legislation’s passage.

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