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Home News SHOWDOWN: Texas Stands Firm Against Biden’s Chaotic Border Demands

SHOWDOWN: Texas Stands Firm Against Biden’s Chaotic Border Demands

SHOWDOWN: Texas Stands Firm Against Biden’s Chaotic Border Demands

( – The Biden administration and the Lone Star State are at odds over border enforcement once more, and this time, they’ve tried to show off their federal power by sending Texas a cease-and-desist letter.

The drama began when Texas officials took control of Eagle Pass’s Shelby Park, which has been turned into a popular gathering place for illegal aliens to congregate before smuggling themselves into the United States.

Texas claims that because Border Patrol personnel have effectively given the go-ahead for illegal immigration, they invaded the park and assumed control of it.

However, it doesn’t stop there! Through Operation Lonestar, Governor Greg Abbott is pushing back against the Biden Administration by deploying hundreds of law enforcement and National Guard members.

And get this:

Texas recently approved a new law that gives them the authority to deport and even arrest undocumented immigrants. Naturally, the Biden Administration is kicking a fuss and refusing to give an inch, arguing that Texas has no jurisdiction to enforce its laws.

Jonathan Meyer, the top attorney for the Department of Homeland Security, even went so far as to write Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton a scathing letter in which he maintained that Operation Lonestar was not only unlawful but also endangered the lives of border crossers.

In essence, Meyer is arguing that Texas must quit interfering with the federal government’s border police operations.

Meyer even mentioned the horrific incident near Eagle Pass in which a woman and two children perished in the Rio Grande, blaming Texas for it.

Texas, however, is retaliating, claiming that Border Patrol was notified of the tragedy by Mexican officials and that they had already arrived at the location before the deaths were discovered.

The State’s Military Department said that Border Patrol specifically asked for entry to chase after potential witnesses to the incident, but the feds won’t listen.

Regarding Governor Abbott’s border strategies, the White House is using terms like “cruel,” “inhumane,” and “dangerous.” Here, they’re really attempting to paint Texas as the villain! Abbott, though, is unfazed.

He is adamant about sticking to his guns and continuing Operation Lonestar.

Indeed, he is already drafting a new law that would allow Texas to hold and deport illegal aliens, which would be in direct opposition to the Biden Administration’s “catch and release” policy.

Texas has also erected obstacles around Eagle Pass, which the Biden administration finds objectionable.

Despite the ongoing legal battles between the federal government and Texas, Texas remains steadfast in defending its borders.

This showdown between Texas and the Biden Administration isn’t ending anytime soon!

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