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Home News Slavery Reparations: CA Task Force Demands ‘Down Payment’

Slavery Reparations: CA Task Force Demands ‘Down Payment’

Slavery Reparations: CA Task Force Demands ‘Down Payment’

( – A slavery task panel has recommended that California deliver a “down payment” of slavery reparations to black residents as soon as possible.

According to a new recommendation from Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) state task commission, California should work to provide a reparation “down payment” to its black citizens as soon as possible.

The slavery reparation panel, established in the wake of the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement, has been tasked with determining exactly how much California, which became a free state in 1850, owes its black residents.

Previous estimates have reached as high as $800 billion, nearly three times the state’s annual budget.

According to a Fox News report, the panel has informed the California government that it may take some time for the state to determine how much it owes each black resident.

As a result, the body has advised that the state give each affected person a reparation “down payment” while determining how much the African-American population is owed.

“The task force further recommends that the legislature make a ‘down payment’ with an immediate disbursement of a meaningful amount of funds to each member of the eligible class,” one document reportedly recommended.

“Given that the process of calculating the amount of some of the losses and determining the methods and structure for issuing payments could involve a lengthy process,” the document continued.

The panel continued by emphasizing that while such a down payment should be “substantial,” it was only able to recommend the “beginning” of reparation payments to black citizens of the state, as more action was required to “redress the economic and societal harm of historical injustices.”

The panel also estimated how much the state owed African citizens for various historical forms of inequality, citing:

  • $2,352 per person per year of residence for “over-policing” of black neighborhoods.
  • $3,366 per person per year of residency for “discriminatory lending and zoning.”
  • $13,619 per person per year of residence for “discrimination” regarding health.
  • $77,000 per person for Black-owned business losses and devaluation.

The group also recommended that California officially apologize to black citizens for racism and slavery.

Should there be any reparations for descendants of slavery?

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