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Home News SatanCon – Woman Tears Up The Bible While Screaming ‘HAIL SATAN!’

SatanCon – Woman Tears Up The Bible While Screaming ‘HAIL SATAN!’

SatanCon – Woman Tears Up The Bible While Screaming ‘HAIL SATAN!’

( – Numerous followers of The Satanic Temple gathered in Boston for “the largest satanic gathering in history,” the eagerly anticipated “SatanCon.”

A sold-out auditorium filled with Devil worshippers witnessed members tearing apart bibles and performing “un-baptisms” as ferocious protestors failed to shut down the meeting.

Following her refusal to allow the group to deliver a satanic invocation at Boston City Hall, the organization dedicated the hellish event to Boston Mayor Michelle Wu.

Attendees of the three-day festival encountered religious protesters who condemned the event’s adoration of the devil when it began on Friday.

Members of the Satanic Temple assert that their organization supports the separation of church and state while, in contrast to other organizations of the exact nature, without necessarily believing in the devil.

After promoting itself as “a weekend of blasphemy” to honor the “largest satanic gathering in history,” the event has come under fire in recent weeks.

Over 800 mask-wearing attendees celebrated the event’s tenth anniversary in Boston’s Marriott Copley Place, where they delighted in sermons from speakers and stories from the fiery depths.

During the opening ceremony, Chalice Blythe, one of the speakers, yelled, “Hail Satan!” while tearing up a bible and a flag supporting the “thin blue line” policy advocacy.

A more strange incident was a speaker who broke a computer keyboard, stating: “For those of us who can, we must stand up for those who cannot.” He was wearing a huge red smock.”

At the occasion, there was also a satanic market where guests could purchase souvenirs with Lucifer designs.

At the market, satirical ‘Live Laugh Love’ pillows, demon goats, head dolls, t-shirts, candles, jewelry, and Satanic literature were on sale.

The group made headlines in recent years following a campaign to place its one-ton goat-head idol statue next to any monument honoring the Ten Commandments on public property.

Its members assert that they do not perceive Satan as evil but as a metaphor for challenging power.

Several protesters, including members of The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property, gathered outside the conference with signs reading “Satan Has No Rights.”

One participant informed Freedom News that there had been threats. There are demonstrators, and there are a lot of them outside. They have a right to protest. Therefore we have no issue with it.

The activists have attempted to promote a separation of church and state after setting up its first formal headquarters in Salem, Oregon, in 2016.

Mayor Wu is the focus of this year’s conference, although The Satanic Temple has already devoted past gatherings to prominent personalities who disagree with them.

After rejecting a proposal for a satanic invocation during a City Council meeting, former Republican Mayor Jim Lane and former Republican Councilor Suzanne Klapp had the event in Scottsdale, Arizona, dedicated in their honor before it began.

Last month, after a California elementary school started hosting an “After School Satan Club,” the group’s support of Satanism provoked anger.

Speaking to KBAK, one parent called the choice to allow the club “disgusting,” while another described it as “a mistake.”

However, Stanton didn’t shy away from the controversy, with a sign at the conference comparing the “Good News Club,” a religious organization permitted in schools, to an “Education with Satan” booth.

Unlike the Good News Club, the organization asserts that its after-school program “promotes a rational, science-based, non-superstitious worldview.”

The organization tried to set itself apart from other Satanic organizations and stated that its key goals were teaching empathy and maintaining the separation of church and state.

“It has to do with defending human rights. It is about promoting women’s autonomy over their bodies,” said SatanCon participant Richard-Lael Lillard. She also told WBZ-TV that the “issue is freedom of religion and freedom from religion.”

Others don’t feel the same way. Someone posted, “The hypocrisy of the School Board..saying they have no choice.” What if a group started a Neo-Nazi Club or a Pro-Life Club? Would the School Board side with those groups?”

Suzanna Plum, another participant, continued, “I understand the uncertainty and the worry. I genuinely believe it, but we’re also a very misunderstood bunch.”

“We’re the same as everyone else.” We pay taxes because we want to see our communities flourish. Just like everyone else, we adore our children. We’re just regular people who hold somewhat different beliefs.”

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