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Home News SICK! VP Kamala Harris Urges Teen Girls to CHAMPION Abortion Cause

SICK! VP Kamala Harris Urges Teen Girls to CHAMPION Abortion Cause

SICK! VP Kamala Harris Urges Teen Girls to CHAMPION Abortion Cause

( – In an exclusive interview with Teen Vogue, Vice President Kamala Harris urged upcoming young female voters to advance the Democrats’ ‘abortion-on-demand’ agenda.

According to an outlet, Harris was granted an exclusive interview on the eve of the Dobbs anniversary because she “want[s] the readers of Teen Vogue to know that [they] are leaders.”

Harris chatted with the outlet on the phone after giving a Dobbs anniversary address in North Carolina on Saturday. She lamented the demise of Roe v. Wade, branding pro-life Republicans as “extremists.”

“Just by virtue of the fact that you are reading this, you are leaders. Harris continued, seemingly speaking to Teen Vogue’s intended readership: adolescents, “And I’m counting on you because your voice and viewpoint are vital to our country’s future.”

She added, “Voting, organizing, and serving as a reminder to one another that you are leaders who can influence the course of our nation are some of the key ways you will exercise your voice.”

Teenagers watching Teen Vogue were reminded by Harris that “young people who are able to vote have the power to actually change the composition of the Congress,” which Harris believes will help Democrats pass federal legislation codifying abortion access in the future.

The vice president cited victories in favor of abortion that, in her opinion, were fueled by young voters in states like California and Kansas during the 2022 midterm elections.

Harris further urged Teen Vogue’s young readers to utilize their social media profiles to promote abortion and to have “conversations” with their friends about “what’s at stake when you vote.”

“Use your voice on social media to let others who are struggling, perhaps with unplanned pregnancies, know they are not alone and that there is support out there,” she advised.

“I think it’s so important that we remind them they’re not alone and that we’re not going to judge them, but we’re going to support them,” Harris said, “when we know somebody who is going through a difficult time and a personal challenge.”

As she prepares to run with President Joe Biden for reelection in 2024, Kamala Harris is prominently driving the abortion agenda of the Biden administration.

According to Axios, Harris met with 14 women from the abortion industry and other organizations in May to solicit suggestions on how the White House might promote abortion across the country before the 2024 election so that it “doesn’t get stuck in the D.C. echo chamber.”

The largest pro-abortion PAC in the country, EMILY’s List, which works to elect pro-abortion Democratic women to public office, is also planning a $10 million or more campaign for Harris.

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