(FamilyConservationPAC.com) – The New York Times and USA Today apologized for accurately identifying the Nashville Christian School shooting suspect as a woman per her radical gender ideology.

The alleged gunman, Audrey Hale, 28, was recognized by authorities not long after the Monday shooting at Nashville’s Covenant School, which claimed the lives of three pupils and three adults.

Soon after, authorities said that Hale, who was murdered by police during the assault, identified as transgender, which means that Hale supposedly thought she was a man.

Following the revelation that Audrey was a woman who self-identified as a guy, The New York Times and USA Today both swiftly released remarks on Twitter, ostensibly apologizing for accurately identifying Hale as a woman while conforming to biological truth.

The media also seemed to remove Hale’s gender from online news reports.

The gender identity of the shooter in the Nashville shooting was unclear later on Monday, according to a tweet from The New York Times.

According to a social media post and a LinkedIn profile, the suspect, who appeared to identify as a guy in recent months, was referred to by officials as “her” and “her.”

Police had “originally misunderstood the gender of the shooter,” according to a tweet from USA Today.

“Police claimed the shooter was a transgender guy on Monday. Officials first mistook the shooter for a different gender, the outlet tweeted.

According to web archives, the headline of the story referenced in The New York Times tweet thread was later modified from “It is rare for a woman to commit a mass shooting” to “Most mass shooting suspects are male.”

Online records reveal that the item title in USA Today, which was initially titled “Who is the female Nashville school gunman who killed six at private Christian school?,” was edited to omit the pronoun “female.”

Another hint to radical gender ideology that contends that persons are “assigned” sex rather than being merely born male or female is the statement in the amended article that Hale was a “transgender man who was assigned female at birth.”

Let’s get some facts here:
1) This woman killed innocent people
2)This woman’s pronouns are now was/were
3)Good men with guns killed this monster before she could kill more children.

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