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Home News Restoring Our Nation: The Roadmap to Strengthening Conservatism in America

Restoring Our Nation: The Roadmap to Strengthening Conservatism in America

Restoring Our Nation: The Roadmap to Strengthening Conservatism in America

( – President Reagan said freedom is a brittle concept, “never more than one generation away from extinction.”

Yet the part of that famous saying that should resonate with all Americans is the second part: “We [don’t] give [freedom] to our offspring in the bloodstream.”

For them to do the same, it must be defended, handed down, and fought for.

In a manner that it hasn’t before, the future of our American miracle is in jeopardy today.

China is swarming our intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) fields with spy balloons. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine increased American prices and endangered our European friends. Even more severe dangers lurk inside of us.

We are letting go of our dedication to preserving the American miracle for our offspring, our shared belief in the American goal, and our respect for individual freedom.

The results of the midterm elections were not what Conservatives had expected. On the most crucial concerns, such as inflation, high gas prices, a border crisis, and more – conservatives ought to have won easily.

Instead, we only just won the House and dropped a Senate seat. In seven of the last eight elections, the conservative party has lost both the popular vote and three straight elections.

It’s time to face reality: We aren’t winning because Americans no longer have trust.

That issue transcends politics. It is a problem of principles. That is a sign of a more significant conservative dilemma. It is a crisis of character rather than just one of skill. It is time for conservatives to return home to live up to the ideals of our founding fathers.

By adopting a conservatism that distinguishes us from the Left in content, fashion, and our adherence to conservative ideals, we must demonstrate why and how we are distinct from the Left.

Democrats look to the government and egotistical figures for answers, but conservatism doesn’t require a political savior. Instead, we demand commitment to personal accountability, responsibility, and outcomes.

We must avoid adopting the Left’s strategy of imitating celebrity figures who practice identity politics. We must stop emulating those who advocate for one set of principles while upholding another.

Over the past few years, many conservatives have justified hypocrisy by saying, “We’re choosing a President, not a Sunday School teacher.”

But we must ask, “why not both?” It’s time for us to live up to the values and principles we claim to hold.

So, what are those values and principles?

First, we must realize that an unrelenting expansion of government is incompatible with a free people. In addition to contributing to inflation, extensive regulation, taxation, and governmental controls undermine Americans’ belief in the worth of sacrifice, the justice of following the law, and the goodness of doing what is right.

Second, we must recommit to promoting equality. The promise of equality is what distinguishes being an American as remarkable. In America, everyone has the right to equality by birthright; it cannot be acquired by identification, income, or status.

With the Declaration of Independence, Abraham Lincoln, and Dr. Martin Luther King, among others, this promise has helped us become a “shining city on the hill” and has inspired greatness.

Too many people in America today want us to renounce the fundamental commitment to equality that our country made in the name of equity. The boldness of the civil rights movement would be traded in for the cowardice of victimhood and grudge politics.

They are showing signs of success, and modern Americans have good reason to worry about the division of their nation. Conservatives can inspire hope by going back to our fundamental principles. The poisonous lies of equity, wokeness, and identity politics are countered by equality.

The ties that bind us as Americans—our families and places of worship—must also be renewed. This is where freedom blossoms and establishes itself, the cradles of the American miracle.

The family is the cornerstone of American freedom and equality, and the story of American freedom is a story of faith. In America, parents shouldn’t ever be barred from visiting their kids’ schools. An oppressive government should never break apart families.

When you are entrusted with a miracle, you defend it. And when you start a mission, you must see it through.

And more than anything, conservatism must return to what matters – faith in God and a renewed commitment to freedom, equality, and our founding values will ensure that the American miracle remains robust and durable for generations to come.

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