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Home News Shocking New Bill Forces All Americans To Get Digital IDs!

Shocking New Bill Forces All Americans To Get Digital IDs!

Shocking New Bill Forces All Americans To Get Digital IDs!
Shocking New Bill Forces All Americans To Get Digital IDs!

( – Kyrsten Sinema, an independent US Senator from Arizona, and Cynthia Lummis, a Republican from Wyoming, have filed Senate Bill 884, often known as “the Improving Digital Identity Act of 2023.”

The bill was introduced on March 21, directed to move forward without changes, and with a favorable recommendation on March 29.

According to the bill’s text:

“The lack of an easy, affordable, reliable, and secure way for organizations, businesses, and government agencies to identify whether an individual is who they claim to be online creates an attack vector that is widely exploited by adversaries in cyberspace and precludes many high-value transactions from being available online. Incidents of identity theft and identity fraud continue to rise in the United States, where more than 293,000,000 people were impacted by data breaches in 2021.”

To implement this “Improving Digital Identity Act of 2023,” the bill asks for creating a public-private partnership.

“The public and private sectors should collaborate to deliver solutions that promote confidence, privacy, choice, equity, accessibility, and innovation. The private sector drives much of the innovation around digital identity in the United States and has an important role to play in delivering digital identity solutions.”

The bill refers to the recommendation made by the bipartisan Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity, which was that the federal government “create an interagency task force directed to find secure, user-friendly, privacy-centric ways in which agencies can serve as one authoritative source to validate identity attributes in the broader identity market.”

By taking this measure, government organizations and the private sector could significantly reduce the risk of creating new accounts and other high-risk, high-value online services.

It would make conducting transactions online more manageable and safer for all citizens.

As mentioned earlier, the language in the bill’s provision is exceedingly ambiguous and leaves room for bureaucrats and technocrats to demand a digital ID for any task deemed “high-risk, high-value online services,” even signing on to the internet.

A digital ID requirement has long been promoted by globalists with ties to the United Nations and the World Economic Forum to eradicate so-called “disinformation” from the internet.

Once everyone has a digital ID, it will be simple to impose restrictions on daily activity and mobility based on social credit scores, as is the case in China, which according to Klaus Schwab, is the model for many other countries.

Your digital ID will be identified as “high-risk” if your score drops below a threshold. Simply put, the government will prevent you from using the internet in their ongoing public-private collaboration with Big Tech.

You are no longer eligible for other “high-risk” rights, such as opening a bank account, receiving healthcare, getting a driver’s license, or getting a passport.

We have previously seen how the government colluded with corporate America and Big Tech to stifle dissent on vaccinations, vaccine passports, masking, and lockdowns during the epidemic.

The Canadian government collaborated with banks to freeze the bank accounts of truckers staging a protest. The entire Covid experience served as a trial run for the next mark of the beast system, which will prohibit buying and selling without evidence of adherence to the beast system.

With the upcoming digital currency, digital IDs will be weaponized to create a worldwide policing system, unlike anything the world has ever seen.

The same enticing selling factors are used to justify these aggressive, invasive attempts to digitize humanity and reduce us to a QR code. Our lives will become more straightforward, more convenient, and safer as a result. Senator Sinema promises that there will even be greater “privacy” for us.

It’s crucial to remember that Sinema attended both the Bilderberg meeting in 2022 and the Davos World Economic Forum in 2023.

According to Patrick Wood, the editor-in-chief of and a resident of Arizona, she is swiftly becoming one of the darlings of the worldwide technocracy movement.

Wood informed me that Sinema was becoming one of the most dangerous women in America.

According to Senate Bill 884, the president would choose the head of the proposed new task force responsible for developing the digital ID.

“The task force will “establish and coordinate a government-wide effort to develop secure methods […] to improve access and enhance security between physical and digital identity credentials, particularly by promoting the development of digital versions of existing physical identity credentials, such as driver’s licenses, e-Passports, social security credentials, and birth certificates,” according to the Senate bill.

This is in accordance with the assertion made by globalist World Economic Forum kingpin Klaus Schwab in his book COVID-19:

“The Great Reset that there would soon be “a fusion of our physical, digital, and biological identities.”

“And both conservative and liberal members of our political establishment will support this. They’re only trying to protect us, after all, and it’s the “innovative” thing to do.”

Senator Sinema of Arizona stated when she was elected in 2022, “We’re supporting innovation and enhancing privacy by improving digital verification to combat identity theft, fraud, and cybercrime.”

Sen. Lummis continued:

“Technology has the potential to dramatically improve the security and privacy of identity credentials, and enable easier access to the financial system. It doesn’t make sense that Americans have to constantly overshare sensitive identity information with government agencies and businesses, which are honeypots all too often targeted by hackers and identity thieves. I’m proud to work with my friend and colleague Sen. Sinema to introduce the Improving Digital Identity Act of 2022 to work toward digital identity standards that protect our privacy and give Americans more control over their identity.”

Additional senators have demanded the establishment of a national digital ID system. According to Winepress News, hardline Georgia Republican Congressman Barry Loudermilk stated the following in 2021 when advocating for similar legislation:

“COVID-19 changed a lot of the way Americans live, work, and provide for our families, and we have become even more reliant on digital commerce platforms. But with more Americans adapting to a ‘new normal’ in the way we go about purchasing life necessities, this also means more Americans’ personally identifiable information [PII] is at risk of being stolen.”

You can bet that Biden will sign the legislation if it is passed. No matter how gradually such a bill would force the system’s compliant subjects to present their digital documents to carry out ever-larger societal tasks, eventually turning them into digitally marked enslaved people to their elitist masters.

Your very freedoms are at stake if this bill passes.

The federal government seeks ways to control every aspect of your life. Never give in.

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