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Home News 5TH Grade Teacher INFURIATES Trans Activists With Honest Stance!

5TH Grade Teacher INFURIATES Trans Activists With Honest Stance!

5TH Grade Teacher INFURIATES Trans Activists With Honest Stance!

( – During a heated discussion about whether schools should teach transgender ideology, a fifth-grade teacher fought with other guests and members of the crowd on Dr. Phil.

On Thursday, Dr. Phil moderated an episode about gender “inclusivity” in schools, covering topics like giving out tampons in males’ restrooms and teaching transgender ideology in the curriculum.

One visitor suggested that providing free tampons in the boys’ facilities would greatly assist those who lack access to cash. However, a fifth-grade teacher responded with a fundamental biological fact.

“Men do not have periods,” said the teacher, and then claimed only women experience menstruation.

“Cis-men don’t menstruate, but trans men do, just like non-binary people,” a trans activist named Jordan angrily responded, later adding, “menstruating is not exclusive to women.”

Watch as this man tries to justify and validate his menstrual cycle:

Ron stated that women could not become men, citing biology to show how chromosomes determine whether a person is male or female.

“They are women dressed as males; they are not men. Not a man are you. It’s acceptable to act like a man when you’re not. That’s totally OK. Enjoy your life,” he advised.

A viewer said that Ron was unpleasant by denying people’s gender identity later in the program when Ron objected to being interrupted and said it was impolite to do so.

A member of the audience questioned, “I’d like to understand from your perspective why you don’t believe it’s rude and why you think you have the right to – when someone identifies in a certain way – for you to tell them that that is not correct that particular gender or identity?”

“Why do I think it’s right to tell them the truth, you may wonder?” Ron answered.

Jordan chimed in, “But it’s not the truth.”

He replied, “The people who hate the truth” oppose it because “they see the truth as hateful.” “You are allowed to self-identify in any way you see fit. However, that does not obligate the rest of us to share that delusion.”

“If a transgender person is not harming you or the people you love, why do you care so much?” a visibly agitated audience member questioned.

Ron replied, “Because you want us to care.”

“No, I don’t want you to care, I want you to be quiet,” she remarked. “Please stop being hateful.”

“You label it “hate,” and I disagree, so I say that,” Ron said. “But I don’t harbor any hatred at all.”

You’re acting with hatred,” the audience member remarked. “That it is cruel to tell someone who identifies as a guy that they are not a man.”

“That’s not hateful,” Ron remarked. “It is a fact!”

“You are free to identify in any way you see fit,” the teacher stated. “However, that does not obligate the rest of us to share that delusion.”

Do you agree with the teacher or with the transgender individual who claims men can have menstrual cycles?

Let us know what you think.

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