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Home News Shocking Indoctrination: Children’s Show Forces ‘Pride Month’ Down Kids’ Throats

Shocking Indoctrination: Children’s Show Forces ‘Pride Month’ Down Kids’ Throats

Shocking Indoctrination: Children’s Show Forces ‘Pride Month’ Down Kids’ Throats

( – The classic children’s television program “Sesame Street” went all-out for June’s “pride month” on last week, posting several tweets supporting the month-long celebration of sexuality.

And the gay lobby insists that our children are not its target?

According to The Western Journal, the show did post a few tweets encouraging its little followers to participate in the left-wing event, despite not changing its logo to reflect rainbow “pride month” colors like so many other organizations do.

First, it’s important to remember that “Sesame Street” is intended for young children between the ages of 2 and 5. Sexual behaviors ought to be off-limits to conversation at this age.

However, the most well-known children’s television program promotes “pride month” to young viewers.

Last week, “pride month” officially began, and the first “pride” post was published. In a video, the actress Ariana DeBose, who describes her sexual orientation as “queer,” explained the “pride” celebration of the event.

In the video, DeBose remarked, “Hello, Elmo and I wanted to share that everyone is always welcome on ‘Sesame Street.'” “This month, and every month, we want to celebrate and uplift our LGBTQIA+ family, friends, and communities.” From our ‘Sesame Street’ family to yours, happy pride, Elmo continued. “Elmo loves you.”

The caption for the video stated, “Everyone is welcome on Sesame Street. Let’s recognize and honor LGBTQIA+ individuals in our communities on Pride Day and every day! Enjoy the month.”

The series continued to promote “pride” on Friday, adding a Tweet that said, “This #PrideMonth, let’s celebrate diversity and unity and spread love and acceptance,” as it often does with other left-wing efforts. We can all benefit from a kinder world if we work together.”

Given that “Sesame Street” caters to children up to age five, one Twitter user had the ideal query for the creators:

“This program was made especially for preschoolers and very young children, right? Why doesn’t the program stick to being kind to everyone while avoiding any discussion of sexuality, gender, and other subjects best left to adults? Why not let young children be pure and carefree?”

While “Sesame Street”‘s adult fans undoubtedly supported the tweets, many also criticized the program for attempting to promote sexuality to young children.

However, “Sesame Street” pushing extreme left-wing ideology on young children is nothing new, even this year. For “Sesame Street,” the left’s philosophy has been a steady drumbeat, along with the program’s yearly tweets about “pride month.”

For instance, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz criticized the program in 2021 for promoting President Joe Biden’s preoccupation with the COVID vaccine among children by showcasing Big Bird, a show fan favorite, pleading with young children to get immunized.

Cruz had sponsored legislation prohibiting COVID immunization requirements for young children because the disease rarely affects those under 20 unless they also have major underlying medical conditions.

Also, in 2021, the show sent first lady Jill Biden out to spread the far-left’s inherently racist ideas of Critical Race Theory to young children who had only started to walk and talk. The leftist philosophy of “racial literacy” was only a cover for this.

Another instance was when the show specifically introduced a lesbian couple as part of a “family day” show.

According to a statement made at the time by gay series presenter Alan Muraoka, “Sesame Street has always been a welcoming place of diversity and inclusion,” Breitbart News reported. And with that, let me welcome Dave, Frank, and Mia, Nina’s brother, to our bright street. Today is the release of our Family Day episode on YouTube and HBOMax.

Billy Porter, a transgender actor, was also welcomed to the series in 2020 while dressed in an Oscars tuxedo gown.

With a half-hour program teaching children how to be “anti-racist,” the series promoted the far left’s “anti-racist” agenda that same year, according to NBC News.

The program defined “racism” to young viewers and encouraged them to confront anyone they believed to be racist.

Parents, you must pay close attention to what your children are watching.

Sadly, each of these programs for children engages in cultural warfare by supporting the left to further a radical agenda among young viewers who are too young to even be aware that they are being brainwashed.

“Sesame Street” has a good reputation, but it hasn’t lived up to that standard for a long time.

Parents, be aware of what your children are watching. Because you can be sure, groomers are watching your kids.

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